Lake Farm Country Park update

Further to my previous post (‘This Green and Pleasant Land’), it would appear that the Hillingdon Council plan to construct a new school on the Lake Farm Green Belt land has moved on apace

The following is an update from the website of John McDonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington


I have discovered that the Council has been considering its plans to build on Lake Farm in secret. The Council has secretly commissioned and received a feasibility study on building on Lake Farm and has kept the report of the feasibility study secret. The Councillors also decided that this issue would only be considered in the secret part of its Cabinet meeting this week (Thursday) giving no opportunity for local residents to have sight of the reports to councillors, to comment on the proposal or to attend the meeting and even listen to the debate. Councillors sitting in secret to carve up local community assets isn’t democracy it is a dictatorship. Over 150 local residents attended a public meeting I convened earlier this month to protest at the Council’s proposals to build on our country park but we have heard nothing from the Council. There has been no public consultation and no discussion with local schools or the community on alternative sites for a school to avoid destroying our local green belt land. As a community we are not going to be ridden over roughshod in this way. We pay our rates that fund these councillors and we demand that decisions are in public, the feasibility study and non commercial reports are published and that local residents have their say.
Local residents are holding a protest demonstration on Botwell Common on Saturday 25th February meeting at 11am at the Skylark Statue on the Common, Botwell Lane. Come and join us in this fight to save our country park.


I would encourage  any Hayes residents who are able to attend this demonstration. If the council get away with this one, they will be back for what remains of our Green Belt land. Views such as those across Hayes Park (Below) would become a thing of the past


2 comments on “Lake Farm Country Park update

  1. paul says:

    just a reminder that the demonstration is for hayes residents,
    not ukip members trying to hijack a campaign, this is a Labour campaign

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      Good evening Paul. There is no hijacking going on, I supported John McDonnell during the fight for Hayes Park because it was the right thing to do, I was at the council planning meeting regarding Glenister because it was the right thing to do, and have been campaigning in Hayes on environmental issues for the last 18 months (As you will see from the leaflets that have gone out). Certain things transcend party politics, I have been a Hillingdon resident my whole life and got involved in politics in the first place because I am heartily hacked off with what is happening in our area. I think you will find that this is a campaign for the people of Hayes who want to retain what little green belt we have left irrespective of our different political views.

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