Is there a two-tier legal system in England?

The following post is the opinion of the author, and does not necessarily represent the views or policy of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Regular readers of this blog will know that I sometimes attend events in London organised by groups such as March for England and The British Patriots Society revolving around  themes including the erosion of English identity, remembrance and the squandering of our tax money on the EU and foreign aid.


I received an email just over a week ago from one of the Admin’s at March for England advising me of a protest being organised outside the Argentinian Embassy in London for Saturday 11th February.This was to highlight their recent sabre rattling over the sovereignty of The Falkland Islands and the subsequent anti-British demonstrations in Buenos Aires, and to let them know that it had not gone unnoticed.


This was organised as a non-aligned event, where patriots from many different organisations were encouraged to turn up as Citizens of the UK to support the right to self-determination of the islanders.


With the thirtieth anniversary of the 1982 conflict now upon us, I decided to attend and add my voice to the protest.

I met some of the familiar faces from MFE at one of the main London rail stations where they had arrived in from the south, and from here we proceeded to the meeting point at a pub just off of Grosvenor Square. The pub was fairly busy even at just before 1pm, and we settled in with a quiet pint whilst awaiting the rest of the demonstrators to arrive. The Met Police had already been given advance warning of the days events, and a few of the officers came in to the pub and exchanged some friendly banter whilst co-ordinating with event organisers Gil and ‘Pompey’ Dave on numbers, times, and where the protesters could stand.

The time was set at 2pm for the protest, so we left at around 1.45pm to the point outside the Embassy that had been arranged.

On arrival ,flags were displayed on the side of the road that the embassy occupies, whilst others stood on the opposite side of the road and joined in with some of the singing.


Joining us were three Falkland Islanders who are currently in the UK, proudly displaying the flag of the Islands.


The Police stood off to either side of where we were positioned, with a number of vans parked just on the corner of the intersecting road.


Gil proceeded to give a speech remembering the members of the British Armed Forces who had given their lives during the 1982 conflict. He also spoke of the 700 plus Argentinian conscripts who had also given their lives during the fighting, and pointed out that this must not happen again. An Argentine flag was then unfurled with a message (Below)



Placards were then held up displaying such slogans as ‘No more Argy Bargy’ and ‘Corned Beef is no match for British Beef’. A number of London Cabbies drove past and gave us the thumbs up during the approximately 10 minutes we were there.


The Police Move In


If you have seen the news recently, you will no doubt be aware of the flag burning going on in the streets of Buenos Aires, and the destruction of British Businesses in the city by organised mobs. Our demonstration was a peaceful one, but to prove a point ‘Pompey’ Dave was to have his photo taken with a lighter underneath the Argentine Flag, showing that whilst we could reciprocate we have more restraint. (The flag was actually Nylon, so would just melt rather than burn if you had attempted to set light to it.)

Unfortunately, as he knelt to have the photo taken a number of officers swooped on him and dragged him off to the side of the main demo area (Pictured above). A number of us then asked the Police what was going on, to be told that they could not allow flag burning as this is classed as criminal damage. It was pointed out to the officers by a number of those present (Myself included) that we had witnessed flags being burned by Anjem Choudhary and his Islamic Extremists not a few hundred yards away from where we were standing on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year – The Police had put a protective cordon around them to stop anyone attempting to prevent it, and had not arrested or even tried to stop any of them from doing this (See images below)


 Indeed, as was pointed out by one of my compatriots at the demo, the Police had told him on 9/11 that the Extremists could ‘do what they like with the flag as it is their property to do so with’. Pompey Dave was also told on the 9/11 anniversary pretty much the same thing by the Met Intelligence Officer that we liase with on various demo’s – There is no crime committed in burning a flag.


When this was mentioned to the officers on yesterday’s protest, they ignored what was said and one insisted that ‘If I had seen that I would have arrested the people involved’. Asking why the hundreds of his colleagues who were there on the day had not responded in that way brought an irritated reply of ‘I don’t know, I wasn’t there’.


We subsequently found out that Pompey Dave had not been arrested,but had been led away to the Police vans, searched, and told to get out of the area .One of the officers had advised him that if he didn’t clear off immediately, he would be arrested and then held until 3am in the morning and released on to cold streets with no way of getting home.

 They had kept his lighter, a Zippo model that was a present from a friend and had personalised engraving on it, and despite pressing no charges had refused to give it back.


One Law for all?


In a free and democratic country, the law should apply equally to all citizens irrespective of their backround. The demonstration yesterday once again showed that there appears to be a different set of rules applied depending on which part of the community you are from, which in my opion seriously harms community cohesion.


Whilst this is only a small example of the way Political Correctness now affects policing in this country, there have been other more serious instances over the course of the last few months.


One of the regular attendees on the events I go on is a gentleman named Roger from Eltham in South London. Many of you will know Eltham from the high profile Stephen Lawrence murder trial.


Stephen was murdered in a racist attack in Eltham, and two of his killers were finally brought to justice last month. The Police are pursuing three others who were believed to be involved.

I totally agree with Roger when he says that he is glad these pathetic scum have been sent to jail, and he hopes that the others involved are soon joining them. I can only imagine the pain that the family of Stephen have been going through, and hope that whilst the convictions won’t bring their son back that they can now rest easier knowing that his killers are inside. 


So, what has this to do with a two-tier legal system?


Gavin Hopley


Last week saw the tenth anniversary of the death of Gavin Hopley. Gavin was kicked to death by a gang of Asian youths in Rochdale on his way home from a night out in an apparent race related attack.


The Police brought charges against a number of individuals the following year, but the case collapsed. No further investigations have followed, and Gavin’s family await the same justice that the Lawrence’s have thankfully finally received.


There have been no high profile appeals from the media surrounding Gavin’s case – Indeed, how many people have ever heard of Gavin Hopley?Surely, this is every bit as bad a case as that of Stephen Lawrence? Why have the Police not followed up on what is an identical crime?


Then there is the case of Charlene Downes. Charlene disappeared in 2003, and the subsequent Police enquiry found that she had been frequenting fast food joints in her home town of Blackpool that were run by paedophile grooming gangs. The Police case against the suspects collapsed on a technicality, despite one of the defendents being on tape admitting to abusing Charlene and joking that he had cut her body up and put it through the kebab machine.


The evidence was ruled inadmissable in court, and a subsequent Police enquiry in to the handling of the case has brought resignations from some of the officers involved.


The case is not being actively pursued, despite again leaving a family without a daughter and without answers. Charlene’s case is only now becoming more prominent in media circles because of the demonstrations organised in Blackpool by a number of street movement groups who are demanding justice. A Daily Mail article last year by James Tozer commented that out of 56 men in 13 towns convicted of grooming underage girls, 50 were Muslim and predominently of Pakistani origin. Mr Tozer’s article alluded to a lack of will on the part of the Police to investigate certain crimes because of community sensitivities – Even the normally reticent Labour MP Jack Straw has commented that there is an issue  regarding such offences, with sections of communities regarding young white English girls as ‘easy meat’.


Finally, we come to the tragic case of Kriss Donald. Kriss was a 15 year old Glasgow schoolboy who was attacked on his way home from school by a gang of five Asian men, beaten and then set alight and allowed to die in the flames. Thankfully, the Police secured prosecutions on three of the murderers, but the case has been closed with two of the assailants still at liberty. Again I ask – The Met are doing a fine job trying to track down the remaining killers of Stephen Lawrence, so what is the difference that means that they are happy to have got three out of five of Kriss’ killers?


One Law for all


Much is made by politicians of community relations and equality. The above cases highlight what in my opinion is a two tier system based around political correctness and the fear of the Police to do their job in case some do-gooding Human Rights Lawyer or the European Court of Human Rights  throws the race or religion card in to the equation. If we truly want a united and fair country for all, then the law must be blind to differences in gender, colour, religion and creed and treat all equally. I applaud the Police efforts in the Lawrence case, and now ask them to apply the same efforts to apprehending the racist killers of Gavin Hopley and Kriss Donald, and the disgusting vermin who prey on children such as Charlene.


Yesterday in London showed a small glimpse in to what is wrong with policing in this country. On the whole, the officers of the Met do a fine job but operate in many cases with one hand tied behind their backs because of the diktats coming down from politicised senior officers and the law courts in Europe that now have precedence over the law courts of our own country.


We are one people – We should be treated as such with one law for all irrespective of our differing backgrounds, and with one set of rules enforced equally by our Police forces.





7 comments on “Is there a two-tier legal system in England?

  1. Esmerelda says:

    Good write up Cliff.

    I think any of us could produce a half dozen examples of the tops of our heads.
    Crimes comitted against Sikhs and Jews get a fairly low priority as well; the murder of Sukhwinder Singh as he tried to stop a woman being mugged and the arson of the Sikh Gurdawa in Bow are two examples.

    And why is it that when the rioters last year set light to homes and shops, the buildings burnt to the ground, ruining livlihoods, familes left destitute as they fled burning buildings in the clothes they stood up in. The Gurdawa is a shell with all the Holy Books destroyed and the worshipers thankful that there was no loss of human life.
    No-one has been apprehended and tried for arson with intent to endanger lives for any of those blazes.

    Yet when some idiot tries to set fire to a mosque, the fire is always put out quickly and within days the investigation produces a culprit or culprits who receive a relatively substantial term of imprisonment?

  2. David Kelly says:

    Another case worth mentioning is the murder of Richard Everett, which happened in Somers Town, north London, about the time of Stephen Lawrence’s murder. He was attacked by a dozen or so Asians. Only one was ever brought to court, and his sentence was so pathetically short that he finished his time inside long ago. Unlike the Lawrence case, there were no editorials in the papers, no holier-than-thou, handwringing statements in the Houses of Parliament, no nothing. The officers who should have been investigating this crime should have been dismissed from the police, without pension rights, and their political bosses should be banned from any public job for life. I’m sure there are plenty of other cases, but black-on-white crime is ‘acceptable’ in the Establishment’s eyes.

  3. Adolf says:

    Stop f*ckin whingeing you daft numpty!! If you can’t take a bit of mild policing, maybe you’re just not cut out for the real world.

  4. michael says:

    gavin was murdered in oldham not rochdale,

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      Michael – You are quite right, it was Oldham and not neighbouring Rochdale.

      Unfortunately, this proves a valid point in the post – It is well known that Stephen Lawrence was killed in Eltham, yet even one of the few who has heard of Gavin Hopley was not correct in terms of where he was murdered. I apologise for the inaccuracy, and hope that soon the Police will put the effort in to make sure that more are aware of the case and that his killers are brought to justice.

  5. Michele says:

    You ask some difficult questions Cliff, ones which cannot be answered without admitting that there certainly is a two tiered system.

    I cannot believe that all the police are happy with the situation, surely there must be some that understand that these actions are building a powder keg … eventually the frustration could be such that it will only take a single spark to blow the whole thing sky high.

    It appears that the leaders of the immigration support societies and those police that dictate policies must have a ‘common purpose’.

  6. I have not been able to take part in many events over the last year due to my ill health but things are on the mend and i will soon be more active in a limited capacity. The situation we are seeing happen on a regular basis is due to the pressure we have put on the government mainly the home office. While i agree with the sentiment i can see why the police took the action they did as the threat to burn is still classed in the same bracket as the actual act of burning the flag. This does not condone the actions of the police following thewarning. They have strict guidelines in how they act and it is up to us to use the full power of the law to stop this action from happening again. I have on many occasions posted the actual laws and the correct action to take when the police start to over step their allowed actions. When this happens it is up to all thoes around them to instantly start to record their actions on thier recorders on their phones or do as we do at demos and that is to get a group of people to have recording devices on hand and inform the police of their legal right to record all that happens for the legal record. We would supply an FEP rep but i have not been able to sort this out. Wehsve spoke with Dave over this matter and are looking for a active MFE member to take up the position so they can as a fully registered FEP political party rep interceed with the police who have to then play by the book as we are so well protected bt the government due to the fact that we are a fully registered political party. If any memer wishes to come on board and also run in the 2012 local council elections we will support them all the way and fight their campaign for them all the way to the election day count. This would put that person in to an official capacity and the police will treat them completly different as they know they will be investigated the moment a formal complaint is made. The power of the political system is more self evedent once your in the club so to speak. The best defence is to be part of the system which we are. I have shown the power we have on many occasions at many demos the best one being Rochdale where i spoke and forced the UAF to leave the demo. To fight for what we want we have to be in the same league. If you are not in the league then you cant play the game. Help us to help you by putting your head above the parrapet and standing as a local councillor in 2012. This is the best chance we will ever have of making a difference and it will be the one time when our support will be huge. Give the English people in your communities an opportunity to vote for the people they want and fight for the country they want to fight for. If there is an English party on the ballott paper they will vote for it and the only way we can get one on there is if we have people who will take the next step and stand for what they believe in. Michael Johnson Chairman For England Party

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