UKIP announce candidates for the 2012 GLA Elections


UKIP has announced a strong list of candidates for the London Assembly elections on May 3rd.

The list, approved by UKIP’s National Executive Committee last week, features a range of candidates that bolster up UKIP’s pledge of offering Londoners a fresh choice in this year’s elections.

The top six are listed below:

1 Steven Woolfe, 43, is a qualified barrister who works in the City of London. He is an active member of UKIP’s ‘Save the City’ campaign which is raising awareness of how jobs are under threat from EU driven legislation created to damage the City of London. Steven’s keen to highlight that those most at risk are not the bankers, but the thousands who earn their living as a result of the City. These include the IT companies, cleaning contractors, secretaries, cab drivers, and those that staff the pubs, restaurants and sandwich bars in and around the City of London.

2 David Coburn, 52, is UKIP’s London Chairman and also sits on the the party’s NEC. He has been in London business for the last thirty years, first as a City financial futures dealer and now as an arts and antiques consultant for a number of international designers.

3 Lawrence Webb, 45, has been an active UKIP member for twelve years and until recently was also the party’s London regional organiser. He stepped down from this role after seven years to focus on being UKIP’s London Mayor candidate for 2012.

4 Helen Dixon, 29, manages a multinational team of operators for a London-based provider of shipping services. She grew up in North-East Derbyshire mining town but left eleven years ago to pursue a maritime career.

5 Elizabeth Jones, 38, is a partner in a leading London law firm. She has a wealth of legal experience and has been exposed to the real problems that people face across the capital with regard to finance and access to justice. Elizabeth graduated at Cardiff University with a Law Degree and then qualified as a solicitor in Cardiff. She now lives in South West London.

6 Paul Oakley, 43, is a practising barrister and lives in South East London. A political activist for over twenty years, he worked for Bill Cash MP in the anti-Maastricht campaign.

The top six are supported on the eleven strong list by Jeff Bolter, Mick McGough, Winston McKenzie, Peter Staveley and Mazhar Manzoor.

Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader, said: “We have a strong and vibrant list of candidates which clearly demonstrates that UKIP is offering voters in the capital a fresh choice when it comes to London politics.

“People are fed up of the same old faces and empty promises.

“UKIP is known for challenging the status quo and asking those awkward questions and this is exactly what our London Assembly Members will do if elected.”


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