The legend of walking eagle

David Cameron was on a state tour to the USA.

Half way through his tour, he was asked to give a talk to the famous Sioux Indian tribe of Western Legend.


Slightly nervous, he stepped forth on to the rostrum and proceeded to give a speech on his vision for global trade and the future of England as part of the mighty trading block of the EU. His nervousness abated, and he talked for an hour and a half to a rapt audience.


The applause at the end of his speech died down, and the chief of the tribe walked forward and presented Cameron with a plaque. “Upon this plaque” boomed the chief, ” Lies your new Sioux tribal name of Walking Eagle “.


Humbled, Cameron accepted the plaque, waved to the crowd, and walked back with his security escort to the assembled motorcade waiting to whisk him away to his next engagement.


With the crowd dispersing, a curious journalist from the New York Times approached the chief with a question that was eating away at him.


“Chief Running Bear”, asked the journalist, “What gave your people the idea of bestowing the name of Walking Eagle upon Prime Minister Cameron?”


“My son”, replied the wise old chief, ” We bestowed this title because ‘Walking Eagle’ represents a bird so full of s**t that it no longer has the ability to fly”




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