Give the people our say on the EU

On Monday 24th October, a debate will be held in the House of Commons to decide whether the people of the United Kingdom finally get a referendum on our membership of the European Union (EU).

The vote will not be binding, but a ‘yes’ vote will pile pressure on the government to finally give the people of England the referendum on our membership that the opinion polls consistently say that we want.


Whilst in opposition, David Cameron gave a ‘cast iron guarantee’ on a referendum, but has since reneged on that promise.

Even more astounding, he is now instructing Tory party ‘whips’ to tell their MP’s to vote against a referendum in open debate!  Labour party leader Ed Milliband is also instructing his MP’s to vote against, whilst the pro EU feelings of the vast majority of Liberal Democrat MP’s mean that Nick Clegg is unlikely to have to enforce any official party line.


I thought that our politicians govern with the consent of the people and on behalf of the people?


It would appear that I may have been mistaken over this basic premise of our democracy. With clear majorities in opinion polls stating that we want a referendum, the leaders of the three main political parties in this country have decided that they are going to ignore the will of the people of the United Kingdom and deny us our basic democratic right on this issue.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats have a pro-EU agenda and therefore have actually kept to their party line on this (unlike on other issues such as tuition fees), the same can certainly not be said for the Conservatives – Indeed, David Cameron spoke out for a referendum whilst in opposition, and part of the Tory election manifesto was to take powers back from Europe, not give them more authority and taxpayers money as they have done since attaining office.


The Labour Party are also missing a trick here – By supporting a ‘no’ vote, they have missed once again an opportunity to re-engage with the people of England over an issue that the other two old parties have ignored us on, giving them no credibility as a viable opposition to the Coalition.

Write to your MP


I would urge all of you who feel strongly to email your local MP and request that they vote FOR a referendum on Monday. I have emailed all three of our Hillingdon MP’s on this issue (I would have written, but part of Cameron’s defence of his position has been to move the vote forward to try and stop the deluge of lobbying that would have fallen upon his MP’s from their constituents)


I received an email back promptly from Hayes and Harlington Labour MP, John McDonnell. Frequent visitors to this blog will know that he is not my favourite politician, and we disagree on a number of matters both locally and nationally (Although I have praised and backed him for his stance against destruction of our local green spaces).


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr McDonnell for choosing to ignore the party whip and for confirming that he will be voting for a referendum on Monday to give his constituents a voice.


I am awaiting replies from Uxbridge MP John Randall and Northwood MP Nick Hurd on this issue.


Below is a copy of one of the emails that I sent, outlining the reasons for a referendum –



This coming Monday in Parliament the House gets to debate the idea of a referendum on our continued membership of the EU. 


I am emailing you this evening as a constituent to urge you to vote to allow the people of England to have their say on this issue, something that David Cameron gave a ‘cast iron guarantee’ on whilst in opposition but is now urging party whips such as yourself to make sure is opposed. 


The people of our country have not had a direct say in anything to do with our membership since the mid-seventies, but even that referendum was only on whether we wished to be a part of a ‘Common Market’, a free trade association between the member states. Since then, the ‘Common Market’ of the EEC has morphed in to the ‘EC’ (European Community) and now the ‘EU’ (European Union). 


Those who voted to stay in were never told that we would have an EU Parliament, European Courts overruling our own, a European President or the myriad of new quangos set up inBrussels and Strasbourg that dictate to the English on how we run our everyday lives. 


This is an affront to the idea that our democracy is run by the consent of the people, as we never had a say on the Maastricht Treaty or the Lisbon Treaty that have given away so many of the rights that our ancestors have fought for down the centuries. 


Can I also point out the following reasons why the people of England deserve to be heard on this issue –




In recent opinion polls, 75% of the British Public want a referendum on our continued membership of the EU




We send £48 million per day to Brussels in direct contributions whilst our country is in the depths of a recession and faced with serious cuts. 


EU Red tape costs our industries billions every year in excessive regulation – Visit for further details. 


EU open door migration policies are loading ever increasing numbers of migrants on to our creaking infrastructure and fuelling the housing and schools crisis that we see in Hillingdon, a point admitted by Hillingdon Council leader Ray Puddifoot in our local Uxbridge Gazette earlier in the year 


EU ‘green’ policies will land London with fines for air pollution that will be passed on to the taxpayer – We all want cleaner air, but will fines that go to Brussels assist this? 


EU ‘Human Rights’ laws mean that the victim is neglected in favour of the rights of the criminal, and in many cases we can’t extradite foreign nationals who commit heinous crimes against our own citizens in case they face ‘persecution’ in their own countries. 


EU rules have forbidden proficiency checks on incoming nurses and drivers from inside Europe which has subsequently put lives at risk

 Whilst The UK faces austerity measures and cuts, the bureaucrats of the EU have voted themselves massive pay rises paid for from our taxes.


 The failed Euro currency will cost us billions in bail outs via the IMF to fund countries who signed up but could never meet the conditions of entry in the first place – A clear case of putting political ideology ahead of fiscal prudence.


 The EU wish to bring in a ‘transaction tax’ on money market dealings to fund their latest round of bail outs – A tax that will be 80% raised in London to fund the rest of the EU, and will siphon money from our financial sector that should be channelled back in to the UK economy to repay the bank rescues of the last three years.


 Rising fuel costs that hurt our elderly and vulnerable are being accelerated by EU ‘green policies’ that are pushing fuel companies to raise prices to fund false economies such as wind farms. In France and Germany, the increases are capped by national government policy, so the energy companies in the UK who are owned by European nations are disproportionately punishing UK residents with massive price increases to fund EU regulatory change.


 Our fishing grounds have been decimated and our territorial rights eroded by the Common Fisheries Policy. French and Spanish trawlers have decimated our fish stocks with impunity whilst our own fishing fleet has been all but destroyed. The ecological balance in UK territorial waters has been massively upset, and native British species such as Cod are now in serious danger of extinction due to overfishing by foreign ‘factory ships’.


 Likewise, our farmers have been hit time and again by the Common Agricultural policy, which has given massive subsidies to inefficient farmers on the continent on ‘cultural’ grounds but has legislated against our own industry and all but destroyed sections of it with ridiculous rules and regulations (Which the French and Spanish ignore time and again)


 I have heard the propaganda before about needing to be in the EU for trading purposes, but these really don’t stack up. We trade in deficit with EU nations, whilst in surplus with the rest of the world – EU nations would not want to lose their export market if we withdraw, whilst trade barriers outside of the EU would be withdrawn if we no longer operated inside the ‘closed shop’ of Europe with it’s restrictive practices.


 Norway and Switzerland both have healthy economies despite the world downturn, they are both in Europe and trade with their neighbours but are outside of the EU – This shows the lie of needing to be inside the ‘club’ to trade on the continent. Likewise, the economies that are in steady growth are outside of the EU – many, such as India, are our fellow Commonwealth countries and would welcome increased trade with the UK but for the shackles of Brussels.


 As for the EU keeping peace in Europe since the last war – Many are forgetting Yugoslavia, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the Basque separatist movement – I could go on.


Having corresponded with you before, I know that you are a decent man with the wellbeing of local people at heart. With this in mind, I emplore you to ignore the whip on Monday and vote to give the people of both Hillingdon and England their voice via a referendum on our continuing EU membership.


 Your Party leader may not have the decency to back up his word whilst in opposition, prove that the Conservative Party still has the interests of it’s people at heart and vote ‘YES’ in the House on 24th October.



Make your voice heard!


If you intend to write to your MP, please feel free to use any of the wording in my email above to get your point across.


The people of this country want a vote on our membership of the EU, something that has been denied to us all for too long. If our MP’s ignore our wishes, then remember this the next time they come canvassing for your vote at election time and put your cross next to either a candidate or a party that IS listening.


Never forget that Cameron, Milliband and Clegg are all ignoring us and telling the members of their out of touch old parties to do the same.  Come election time, I will be out there with a party that is listening – Why not join with me and help to put power back in to the hands of the people of England?


EU Referendum Campaign poster courtesy of Lawson Narse


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