A new home to carry on the fight

This press release was posted on the UKIP Hillingdon page yesterday




Recently, I announced my resignation from The English Democrats party on a number of points of principle.


This was not an easy decision to take as I had been fully committed to growing the party in Hillingdon and had spent a lot of time, money and effort in trying to give the local community a viable alternative to the establishment parties who I feel have let our country and our area down.


However, I am a strong believer in country and principles coming before party – This left me with no option but to tender my resignation in light of overtures being made by senior members of the English Democrats towards former high ranking BNP officers, and the lengths to which the same senior members of the party wished to keep it quiet from the rank and file.


Having a good set of policies counts for nothing if the spirit of the party is being betrayed, and the people who you wish to represent cannot trust the officers of the party you belong to.


Leaving the English Democrats was difficult, but there was no way I could step aside and abandon the cause ofEngland. Having made many friends and listened to so many people with similar concerns to my own, quitting the political arena would have let down the very people who I got involved in politics to help.


Many of these friends approached me after my resignation was announced, and I sat and thought long and hard about how best to carry on the fight. After much deliberation, I met with officers of the Hillingdon branch of UKIP on Wednesday night to hear what they saw as a vision for both Hillingdon andEngland.


Previously, I have met members of UKIP through a number of the anti-EU protests and groups that I participate in, and have been impressed with the drive of some of their activists. They have shown the same enthusiasm for getting a referendum on our continued EU membership and have put their arguments forward in an impressive and coherant way.


UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass gave a speech to the English Democrats conference in 2010 about the EU, and came across as a decent, down to earth man who talks the same language as the rest of us, not the political double speak you see from so many prominent members of the old establishment parties. Likewise, I have watched numerous videos of speeches from Nigel Farage, who seems to delight in tweaking the nose of the EU bureaucracy and fighting for our country in the Brussels bearpit with some degree of style.


Having read the manifesto, most is based around the same things I have been fighting for over the last eighteen months – Equality for all , a return to common sense, protecting our communities, restoring law and order, getting us out of the EU and putting a stop to the mass immigration that is putting so much strain on our infrastructure. 


Until now, the one item that has been missing from my wish list has been a fair settlement to the Devolution Act that has left England disadvantaged within the Union, the only one of the four parts of the UK to not have her own elected Parliament to look after English Affairs.


This was debated at the recent UKIP party conference, and having viewed videos of both UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage speaking eloquently on the need for an English Parliament, I now feel that UKIP is a party with the personnel, the drive and the manifesto to maintain an effective challenge to the failed political parties we currently have in Westminster.


To this end, after listening to their Hillingdon officers on Wednesday, I have joined UKIP and look forward to working with their team inLondon.


I would urge all serious patriots who wish to make a difference to do the same.






One comment on “A new home to carry on the fight

  1. JoolB says:

    GOOD LUCK! At long last we have a party willing to stand up for England and offer us our own parliament.

    I always felt voting UKIP took votes away from the Tories but after the way David Cameron has repaid the people of England who voted for him with the same contempt as Labour did, who cares. UKIP will get my vote from now on.

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