As one chapter ends, another begins.

Tonight, I find myself writing a post that I never thought I would have to. After 18 months of fighting hard for English ideals in our community under an English Democrats banner, I put my resignation in by email to the National Council of the party last Saturday in advance of this weeks AGM.


The bright adventure that started at last years General Election (left) has now come to an end amidst a deep sense of lost opportunity and unfulfilled potential caused by what I feel to be weak leadership within the party and the influence of sections of the political spectrum who have no place in a modern, civilised democracy.


My resignation letter was sent by email to the members of the National Council of the English Democrats, but leaked within hours on to the internet. It was not my intention to make this posting public, but since it became so I have been subjected to a number of attacks on the internet from former members of  the upper echelons of the BNP who are now joining the party that myself and other members of the London branches have given so much time and effort to.


I have maintained a dignified silence as I wish to give these people no ammunition or credibility – I have also left the ED to get away from this level of petty infighting which has hindered the fight for our country and taken up time that could be spent on much more constructive endeavours. However, I feel in the light of current events that a final posting needs to be put up to set the record straight and to let those who hide behind our flag for their own reasons know that decent, honest patriots know what you are all about and will not let our cause or our country be sullied by your attempts to advance your own positions on the back of the suffering of the people of England.


The Resignation Letter


I have previously stated that this letter was not intended for public consumption, but it has now circulated the internet to such a degree that I see no further harm in posting it here for people to make up their own minds –


Dear fellow NC Members


It is with regret that I tender my resignation from The English Democrats.


I can no longer see the party making the breakthrough that the country needs whilst certain people continue to drag our reputation in to the gutter and the Chairman is unwilling or unable to stop this from happening.


Many of our members in London have worked hard to rebuild the party from the ashes of the last General Election, and any advances we are making are being offset by the constant need for damage limitation because of the stream of ill thought out rhetoric on blog and Facebook sites.


It is also a source of worry that the elite at the top of the party seem to see it as their own tool that they can do as they like with without thought of the damage they do to our reputation and in some cases in flagrant violation of National Council decisions.


I will list some of my reasons for leaving below, and leave you to make up your own minds –



Sinn Fein – The email from Steve Uncles is constantly regurgitated and is not only distasteful but used by the opponents of our party to put off a section of the electorate that should be part of our natural vote.

The party put out a statement, but this was watered down from the original to the version that surfaced. More importantly, not only has Steve Uncles not apologised for a lack judgement over sending the email (Which could have killed the whole thing stone dead), he keeps revisiting it on his ‘English Passport’ site, including a statement that modern English Nationalism is not compatible with Irish unionism. It is not our remit, as an English party, to keep revisiting the issues of Northern Ireland, and is causing an image problem that is completely unnecessary.

He has also put up a petition on the Government website asking for people to sign a petition to get Northern Ireland kicked out of the UK – This is traceable back to him, and as a party member reflects badly on the movement.

It has also been noted by myself that whenever this subject is brought up with Robin Tilbrook, he gets annoyed about ‘disloyalty’ regarding the leaking of the email rather than the contents of the email itself.



Eddy Butler – It was agreed at the last NC meeting that Eddy Butler would have to come before the Council to have his membership ratified due to his former high profile membership of the National Front and the BNP. This is consistent with article 3.2 (e) of the party constitution.

On 10th September, one of my members in London was emailed by Robin Tilbrook to say  –


Yes we are on the up.  We also have the man who was the driving force behind the BNP’s period of electoral success coming over to us.  I mean Eddy Butler. 


I asked to see this email to make sure there was no misunderstanding, as those of you at the last NC will know that this is in complete contravention of the agreed course of action over his membership. Indeed, Eddy Butler is only getting a hearing because Robin threatened to resign if we did not listen to his reasons for wanting to join.


Since then, Eddy Butler has posted items on his Facebook page that are in contradiction of our party manifesto, and has made numerous calls to people on his blog site to come across to the EDP as it is their ‘new home’. You can view how much he rates his new ‘home’ from his blog site, link attached


All about the BNP, nothing to do with the EDP.


I also have the screen capture from Steve Uncle’s Facebook site that is doing the rounds to say that he has been working with Eddy Butler for the last 2 years to wreck the BNP, and that UKIP are next – Whilst I find this probably to be the delusional ranting of the ‘Political Brain’ from Dartford, this is again in the public domain and does us no good.


It is also noted that Eddy Butler had run several ‘teasers’ about which party he was going to go to, and then announced it on his blog site 48 hours after Andrew Brons had lost the BNP leadership challenge to Nick Griffin. His own blog states that his first choice would be to reform the BNP, but after that going to a party with a ‘similar’ manifesto that is ripe for change would be the No 2 option rather than forming a new party.


I will give you some links to make up your own minds



Steve Uncle’s Removal from the NC – Within 2 weeks of his ‘resignation’ (Which was only tendered by the chairman when 12 out of 12 voted through a no confidence motion), Steve Uncles was on the BBC as a ‘spokesman’ for the party. Robin advised me that this was because he was the only person in the area available to do the job.

Neither London Chairman Roger Cooper or myself, as Vice-Chairman, were called and told that there was a need to get someone down there. Indeed, Frank Roseman lives in Westminster but was not contacted by the Chairman, despite being a far better public speaker than Steve Uncles. Constantly using a discredited member who has an awful internet footprint as a ‘spokesman’ is not, in my opinion, what the NC wanted when he was removed from his position, and paints us in a bad light.


The South East Area Elections – We were advised at the last NC that Sean Varnham had not sent in his statement to go out with the ballot forms for the SE area election. This was incorrect.


It also needs to be noted that Sean was not sent the full party list for Sussex until well after the ballot papers had gone out, and even then they had no telephone numbers or email addresses for him to contact and canvass for his candidacy. Steve Uncles, as a former SE area chairman, had all this information and therefore an unfair advantage (Although he still threw his toys out of the pram about me sending out an email to Kent and Surrey in support of Sean, despite those areas coming under the purview of London during the GLA campaign).


It is also of interest to note that the closing date for voting was 9th September, and the date of the count was changed to the AGM after the votes were in– Where are the ballot papers between these times? They are being sent to the Norwich PO Box number, so what methods are in place to stop gerrymandering? I believe very few, as Steve Uncles has posted on his blog site that irrespective of the vote ‘I will be back on the NC after the AGM’.


A Dog serving two masters – It is to be noted with regards to the previous posting about Eddy Butler that he is still in the paid employ of the MEP for Yorkshire, Andrew Brons, yet wishes to join the EDP.

Chris Beverly, our new Leeds Chairman and recently appointed Facebook admin, is also on the payroll of the EU as an assistant to Andrew Brons. Whilst I have not met Mr Beverley, and I understand from Mike Cassidy that he is a decent guy, what happens when the Euro elections come around and he has to choose between party and job? He has not resigned from his post as he needs to make a living – Yet he will make that living by OPPOSING the EDP in the next Euro Elections. Such a conflict of interest would not be allowed in any company, it is the equivalent to a Barclays Bank manager working for Lloyds as a paid advisor and with access to company confidential documents. You are either an English patriot or a BNP employee, there is no middle ground on this one.



Contact with UKIP – Robin advised us at an NC meeting last year that he had been offered the Deputy Leadership of UKIP during the negotiations regarding the Alliance for Democracy if he stood down all the EDP candidates at the 2010 General Election. He advised us that he declined, and that UKIP had stood candidates against ours when they had seen our list of candidates as a spoiler tactic.

We were told that UKIP are completely untrustworthy, and a motion was passed that no further meetings should be had with their party without it being run past the NC first.

Robin then announced at the last NC that he and Derek Hilling had met with UKIP in July to discuss possible mergers. This was done without the knowledge or permission of the NC, in breach of a previous motion which was brought about by Robin’s revelations. It would appear that NC motions, even when brought about by the chairman, have no validity when applied to him.


Steve Uncles – Need I say more? Removed from the NC, he still attacks party members on line with impunity and brings the movement in to disrepute. In the last month he has made attacks upon Stephen Morris, Michael Cassidy, Derek Hilling and myself on his blog site (In contravention of the Communications policy document that has been ratified by the NC). He has also referred to a suicide victim as a ‘fascist’ and had launched numerous tirades about UKIP under the logo ‘U-Tit’. He constantly brings the party in to disrepute, and despite the attempts of the NC can do what he likes with the protection of the chairman.

Indeed, I had a row with Robin by email last night because I posted a joke about Steve’s personality being used as a contraceptive on my personal Facebook page, and got read the riot act – Yet Uncles can constantly slander all and sundry without the slightest hint of being reigned in on public blogs and websites. Hypocrisy and double standards.



Searchlight – Robin has admitted to me that he talks with Nick Lowles, and I had a row with him a while ago where he took what Lowles had said about members of the EDL as gossip and had spread them (Notably that senior members are Irish Republicans and are standing behind the flag of St George to line their own pockets – I have met these people and know them to be concerned about the state of OUR country, not another). He was then surprised in midweek that Lowles posted a tissue of lies about our candidate for the upcoming Barnsley election being an ex-BNP officer, when it is in fact Kevin Riddiough who is standing. When I pointed this out to Robin, he advised me that he was ‘disappointed’ as Lowles was supposed to run any story about the EDP past him first. What kind of judgement does this show? He would rather converse with and trust a Marxist agitator ahead of his own members who have met and spoken with members of numerous street groups.




I now await the usual flurry of on line activity from the Dartford Warbler about me being a ‘quitter’, ‘deranged’ or a ‘Brit-Nat plant’ – This is par for the course, and neither myself or our country has time to spend on this childish vindictiveness when our way of life is at stake.


I would like to thank the decent members of the EDP (Of whom there are many) for standing with me over the last 18 months and trying to sort out our local areas and some of our national issues. There are many decent and hardworking members of the party who deserve better from some of those at the top who remind me of a sketch from The Life of Brian (Judean People’s Front, anybody?)


Special thanks go to Stephen Morris, Mark Lancaster, Martin Butler and Sean Varnham who have been a sounding board for ideas and campaigns, and a special mention should go to Ben Weald and Roger Cooper in London who are a credit to the movement.


No doubt with your new BNP recruits you will achieve limited successes before realising that there is a glass ceiling that can only be broken by engaging with all of the decent members of our society – But then, I have come to believe that there are those at the top level who would be happy with 5% of the vote, a couple of MEP’s to keep the money coming in and bragging rights about being leaders of the ‘biggest English Nationalist Party’ at their respective gentlemen’s clubs. Enjoy it before our country and our way of life goes down the pan – In the meantime I will be with like minded patriots from all parties trying to bring up the issues and making a difference both locally and on the streets of London.


 The Fall Out

The man in this photo is not Chisholm from Minder, but the afore mentioned Eddy Butler.


Mr Butler and his friend Steve Uncles have posted their distorted view of events since my resignation on the internet, and have had their various attack dogs out sniping on internet forums and websites during the week.


Mr Butler posted an entry on his blog called ‘What a Load of Rubbish’ which was then copied and pasted on to Steve Uncle’s blog, English Passport.


If you are sitting comfortably, Mr Butler, then let me begin on what is wrong with your musings –


“As Mr Dixon has seen fit to bombard various internet forums with his missive I will take the time to respond” – Actually, Eddy, my resignation letter was sent to the National Council of the English Democrats, from where it has leaked (surprise,surprise) and is now all over the internet. Prior to this post, the only time it has been put up by myself was after it had done the rounds of a good few sites so I put a link to one of these sites on my politicians Facebook page. I was being asked by all and sundry what was going on, and my mobile had virtually gone in to meltdown stopping me from taking the break that I had promised to both myself and my family.


“He has a track record for this, a short while ago he was telling everyone that Richard Barnbrook was being forced on The English Democrats when I knew for a fact that this wasn’t the case”

I would suggest you ask your friend Uncles about this one.  I was asked by Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, to meet former BNP GLA member Richard Barnbrook with an open mind to him joining the party and standing for us in GLA 2012, which I agreed to do. Within 24 hours, I had a phone call from Steve Uncles telling me that my default position should be that Mr Barnbrook was not only joining the party but would be No2 on the party list in the election. When I advised him that this was not what Robin had asked me to do, and would need ratification, I was told to shut up and get on with it.

When pressuring me did not work, Uncles then switched tack and told me that there was a paid position in it for me as an ‘advisor’ to Mr Barnbrook on the GLA. I informed Uncles that I already had a job, to which he replied that I could take the position and just bank the money with a small ‘donation’ to party funds whilst not actually having to turn up.

This led to a heated row, and  I reported Uncles to the National Council for his conduct at the December 2010 meeting – He knew I was going to report what happened, so missed his first NC meeting in years to avoid having to answer to his actions. We then had the ridiculous January NC meeting, where Uncles was on the agenda to answer to misconduct charges but actually brought Mr Barnbrook along to divert the whole issue which then ended up in a 2 hour Q&A over what he could bring to the party. Uncles then blamed Party Secretary Derek Hilling for this, when Derek had no idea that Richard Barnbrook would be at the meeting and was indeed not on the agenda for the January NC.


London Branch decided not to take Mr Barnbrook’s application any further after  he called London Chairman Roger Cooper late at night and subjected him to a 30 minute drunken tirade after details of Mr Barnbrook’s courting of several groups to salvage his political skin surfaced on various internet sites and forums.


“Actually, he isn’t a member of the English Democrats National Council” – This is at least correct, but I attend numerous NC meetings as Roger Cooper’s Deputy chair for London.

Roger has suffered some health problems, so apart from a short period when I was suspended from NC meetings over the Barnbrook affair I have stood in for him many times and carried the London vote at these meetings. I was asked to become a full time member of the NC by Tilbrook and Uncles last year, but declined in order to concentrate my time on lcoal campaigning and building the Branch.


The Sinn Fein email – Mr Butler calls Steve Uncles approach for funding ‘ a silly and ill informed email’ that is ‘not a very big deal’. Mr Butler goes on to state that “It is only regurgitated on a very obscure internet chat forum by opponents of the ED’s”  If you look in to this Eddy, you will find that it was ‘regurgitated’ by BNP spokesman Simon Darby on the BBC Politics Show, which led to Robin Tilbrook being invited on to the programme the following week to explain it. It was also ‘regurgitated’ by opponents of the ED in the Oldham by-election earlier this year (Including your former comrades in the BNP) on the doorsteps of the electorate, which caused our vote to collapse. It was further reported in the Dartford  press during the May local elections, the result of which was to leave Steve Uncles with the lowest vote of any ED candidate in the area and the party to be beaten by the Local Resident’s Association in what Mr Uncles describes as one of our ‘strongholds’.


It is also ridiculous for Mr Uncles (pictured) to keep bringing up the subject of Northern Ireland on his ‘English Passport’ blog site, as the ED are an English Party and should be concentrating on working for the people of England rather than getting mixed up in the issues of Ulster.




 My opinions on Eddy Butler – Mr Butler states that he knows very little about me, despite his posting earlier on about the Barnbrook fiasco. Interestingly enough, he knows enough about me to have had his long time friend Steve McCole ask me to meet him for a chat before my resignation, an offer that has also been extended to me by Robin Tilbrook via email. I advised both that I would be happy to chat and make up my own mind, but they seemed reticent to come forward with a time and date – The only one offered was during the meeting of the new St Albans branch, which clashed with a long standing commitment to support other London members leafletting at The Last Night of The Proms (Which got a mention in The Evening Standard).


Mr Butler points out He seems to think he is an expert in me – No Eddy, I am not an expert on you, but have done research that centres around your blog postings, internet video recordings and talking to ex BNP members who know you. I have not met you, but then again I have an opinion on the behaviour of David Cameron and Nick Clegg based on their writings, media appearances and reports and have not met them personally either. I would have been prepared to meet you and make up my own mind, but it would appear you have made up your own mind on what I am about based on a leaked email and the ramblings of Steve Uncles.You have responded to a message on your blog stating that ‘Cliff Dixon frankly deserves to be insulted’ and that ‘his behaviour was disreputable to say the least’. By your own standards, Eddy, you are guilty of what you accuse me of doing – Making up your mind on someone without having all the information. The difference is you say that you know very little about me, but I have read your blog and researched your background thoroughly (Which I feel is the sensible thing to do when a former high profile member of a controversial group is looking to get involved with the ED). For what it is worth, I believe the Amsterdam brothel video was faked to make you look bad by supporters of Nick Griffin, and that around 75% of what is written is probably malicious gossip, but there is enough there to make me want to raise questions. I had heard your friend Mr McCole referred to as ‘The Broxbourne Nazi’ before, but met him with an open mind and have even posted on the net that I find him to be a decent man and a solid patriot without any of the negative attributes of certain ex-BNP members.  Hardly the actions of someone with a hidden agenda or closed mind.


Your comments regarding the email sent by Robin Tilbrook (Pictured) to one of our members in London overlooks a couple of basic facts. Firstly, that email was sent on 10th September AFTER the NC had agreed that you would have to come before them to have your membership validated. If it was sent before, I would have had no problem, but Robin is stating that you ARE coming across despite this decision having to come from the NC. It is also interesting to note that on the same day he sent another email to a member in Derby (Who has since resigned) stating that neither yourself or Mark Collett would be allowed in to the party, probably because that member would be horrified about any former high level BNP involvement. This displays the two things that I have come to most dislike about Robin – His face.


You say that he was not going to railroad the NC in to accepting you, yet if you read my resignation letter properly you will know that he threatened to resign unless you were heard. He also used this tactic to stop Steve Uncles being thrown out of the party before, and is prone to talking about how much cash the party owes him when he can’t get his own way on things. Make of that what you will.

In terms of postings that are in contradiction of party policy, I will post one below where you criticise the ethos of ‘civic nationalism’ which is a part of the party’s manifesto

A ‘civic nationalist’, a term recently adopted to describe someone who is nationalistic about a state for example, cannot be a nationalist and I would not dignify them with the term. If you claim to be a nationalist then you must have an ethnic dimension to your philosophy. Otherwise you are a fraud. There are many political fraudsters out there but I do not agree with granting them political legitimacy by having to add extra conditional words to describe the philosophy to which I subscribe, which is nationalism.


The ED do not consider race or religion to be important in terms of being a member of the English Community, yet your blog posting above from June this year states that there has to be an ethnic dimension to your philosophy. You are condemning your prospective party comrades as frauds, not a good way to ingratiate yourself.


Please don’t attack nice Mr Griffin –  Mr Butler makes a hilarious claim that I don’t like it when he attacks Nick Griffin, leader of The BNP. In my resignation letter, I have stated that his site is all about the BNP and nothing to do with the EDP (Well, apart from the ‘teasers’ he kept running about which party he may or may not join).

He is either trying to divert my meaning, or is less intelligent than I give him credit for – I am simply pointing out that his whole blog site revolves around attacking Nick Griffin and the BNP, rather than trying to do something positive for his community and his country. We are all guilty of negative campaigning at times, but it tends to be counter-productive and a waste of time – Eddy Butler appears to have elevated it to an art form.


The Steve Uncles facebook posting is in the public domain, and states that he has been working with Eddy Butler to destroy the BNP for the last 2 years, with UKIP next – There is nothing tongue in cheek about it, although Uncles does tend to make fantastic claims that turn out to be completely baseless when further investigated. Again, this is an image and perception problem that is being caused where none needs to exist.


I had an interesting chat a few nights ago with one of Mr Butler’s friends who I get on with quite well – He informed me that Eddy has spent the last year and a half trying to destroy the BNP  ‘because until it is finished we can’t move on’ – This reeks to me of Mr Butler being like the jilted wife who has remarried but still keeps on at her first husband to the point of obsession because he was her first and only true love.


I stand by what I said about the timing of Eddy Butler’s ‘coming out’ on his blog for the ED’s – A couple of days after Andrew Brons lost the leadership election to Nick Griffin.

Eddy Butler was openly supportive of the Brons campaign, but I have not suggested that he had only ‘recently’ become interested in our party (As borne out by the fundraising letter fiasco mentioned next) – This merely suggests that he was ‘hedging his bets’ in case Brons lost and he couldn’t get back in to the BNP, a strategy that would then enable him to claim a long standing interest in the English Democrats.


Where Mr Butler is having an issue with the truth is when he says that he has not been working with Steve Uncles to do anything. Last November, there was a heated row at an NC meeting when we found out that fundraising letters that were being sent out on behalf of the party by a professional marketing company called ‘Limelight’ were in fact the handiwork of a certain Mr E Butler, who had copied the BNP fundraising template used by Jim Dowson. I was sat next to Uncles in the NC meeting, and saw the name ‘Eddy Butler’ flashing up on his phone on a number of occasions before he left the room. These letters cost us a number of members who recognised the Dowson template, plus the whole branch in Carlisle run by former BNP member Alistair Barbour. He had left the BNP because he hated the extreme element to it, and called me to say that he could no longer remain in the party if some of the top ‘movers and shakers’ were becoming involved in the ED.


Therein lies part of the conundrum that confronts the party. Eddy Butler states that to prosper, the ED need to attract supporters from both the BNP and UKIP, which to a degree I agree with. However, some of our longer standing ex-BNP intake joined to get away from those at the top who had created the negative publicity that had surrounded the BNP and had turned it in to what it is today. (I often use the comparison of the BNP with a septic tank, in that most of the really vile stuff is at the top.)


By allowing this mass influx of recently resigned ex-BNP members in to the party without controls will cost us those who joined before and truly have a moderate agenda, whilst giving the enemies of the English Movement a stick marked ‘racist’ with which to beat the party and  stop its growth. I have met many ex-BNP members, and some are amongst our best activists in London – They joined the BNP because at the time there was no other option for them, rather than because they held extreme views. Many know Eddy Butler, and have warned me to be wary of him.


The real challenge for the ED is to engage with the vast numbers of people who no longer vote because they don’t feel that anyone is representing them, some 40% of the population at the last General Election. By pandering to an extreme minority and fawning over certain former BNP ‘high-flyers’, Tilbrook and Uncles have condemned the ED to a permanent space amongst the also rans. UKIP have been far more astute in this respect, as their ‘no ex-BNP’ policy will keep out the high profile former members who will cause the bad publicity, whilst rank and file ex-members would probably slip under the radar, giving them activists without the negative media coverage.


Chris Beverley and the MEP – My posting about both Eddy Butler and Chris Beverley being on the payroll of BNP MEP was not a personal attack on Mr Beverley’s integrity – Indeed, I commented that Yorkshire Chairman Mike Cassidy rates him as a ‘good guy’.

The reasons that Butler puts on his blog as to why I am misguided on this are actually quite insightful in to his mindset. He says that Brons has stated since he was elected that he will not run for a second term as an MEP, so the conflict of interest will not arise. Funnily enough, Tony Blair told Gordon Brown he wouldn’t run for a second or third term as PM, but changed his mind, so there is a potential precedent.

He also states that both of them are employed by the European Parliament to do research, so are not paid by the BNP. What he neglects to state is that Brons appointed them both, not the EU, so he is in effect their boss. It is a bit like saying that I don’t work for my immediate superior at work because the company pays my wages – Who tells me what to do and allocates my tasks, and who interviewed me for and appointed me to my position? By this rationale, Brons himself is not paid by the BNP but by the EU so is he then not a member or acting as a BNP MEP?

The comment about ‘not being able to do political work’ when you are employed as an MEP’s assistant is an interesting point – Later on in this part of the post, he points out that both Chris Beverley and himself did a great deal of work for the ED in the 2010 local elections. Is this not ‘being involved in political work’ and ‘engaging in election campaigns’ then?

By your rationale, Mr Butler, you have both therefore broken the terms of your employment and should be summarily dismissed. With regards to confidential documents – How did you manage to do the mail out in December 2010 for the ED without the membership list then Eddy? Is that not a ‘confidential’ document?


Searchlight – For those who are unaware, Searchlight is a magazine that targets right wing groups and tries to ‘out’ racist organisations.


Their current editor, Nick Lowles, has written two recent stories about the English Democrats, ‘Waiting in the wings’ and ‘In our sights’.  My issue is not that Robin spoke with Lowles after these inaccurate stories were printed, but that he took what Lowles had told him about certain members of  the English Defence League as gospel and repeated them to me.


Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I attend numerous patriot marches and events where the EDL are sometimes present. Because of this, I know a number of their members and have spoken to a couple of their high ranking figures. For Robin to believe and repeat what Lowles has said when he has repeatedly printed lies about the ED shows a serious lack of judgement in my opinion. Robin did not ask for my take on what he was told, he repeated it to me verbatim and informed me that his source was correct. Robin did not ‘observe that most of the EDL leadership were of Irish descent’ as Eddy Butler has written, he was quite clear that they are using the movement to line their own pockets.


This is why I had a blazing row with him, and bearing in mind what Butler says later in his posting about the ‘liberal set’ trying to undermine the ED, does he not find it strange that the Chairman takes the word of a hard left magazine editor with an agenda over that of an active figure in his own movement? For Lowles to then write more lies about the ED regarding Barnsley without running it past his ‘friend’ just backs up my opinion on the judgement call.


So What to do now?


It seems strange sitting here at my PC this morning rather than being at the Party Conference or out leafletting or campaigning. My wife has had to hand me the TV remote a couple of times this week, which has also been unsettling for her!


I have decided to take a few weeks off to recharge my batteries before deciding what to do next, but one thing is for sure – To borrow Arnie’s famous phrase, “I’ll be back” . The future of our country will not be changed by sitting on our hands or sounding off on obscure blog sites, and I couldn’t look the decent patriots  I have met in the last 18 months in the eye if I just rolled over and gave in.


‘England expects every man this day to do his duty’ – Horatio Nelson


NB – 2011 ‘No Surrender’ image courtesy of Lawson Narse


8 comments on “As one chapter ends, another begins.

  1. Eddy says:

    I’ve just read the piece above having been directed to your site from the BDF. Obviously most is about ED internal happenings of which I know nothing, however, one thing I will comment about. As an ex-member of the BNP I have no interest in joining the ED’s or indeed know any former member who does, why Eddy Butler thinks we would find a multi-racial organisation acceptable I can’t imagine. Most people joined the BNP because of its racial stance, this is completely lacking in the EDP, so the possibility of the party being flooded with ‘racists’ aint going to happen! Rest easy!

  2. anon says:

    Your instincts are correct and the English Democrats will at their own expense find out that you are correct.
    The “butterfly” has settled in your patch for a while

  3. Claudia Dalgleish says:

    Cliff Dixon SIr. You are an honourable gentleman. I commend your courage to expose these people for the charlatans that they are. Well done. God bless you and your family x

  4. Ben Weald Enfield Branch says:

    Cliff Dixon – A gentleman , A patriot and a friend. A gentleman amung thieves.

  5. Ron Sands says:

    Well Cliff,
    Thats the last watlz done and dusted,The loss to ED members of a man of honour will not sink in yet but in the following weeks and months Butler and uncles and nodding dog Tillbrook will stave the good member left and force feed the lies and dammed lies they want.

    My respect for you is well known and It is my hope one day we will once again join to fight for England and equality for all english people.

    Till then chill out and wait for our chance to come

    all the best and thanks

  6. Leon Martin says:

    I have only met and worked with you a few times Cliff but you are indeed a real patriot and it is clear to me at least that you love England and want to preserve out way of life. I for my part will stay in the Party but hope to work with you in the future for our country’s survival. Lets have another beer soon.


  7. Anon says:

    Uncles is the problem. He is a wrecker.
    It may be too late for the EDP to get shot of him.
    By not doing so they have written their own suicide note.
    Where now? The Freedom Democrats?
    I don’t think that they will touch Uncles with a bargepole.

  8. Garry Astles says:

    Our country is about our values. When they are threatened anywhere,now, in tne past, or in the future (as they will be) we need to stand for them; if we can.

    Threatening people because they do not (quite) match our skin colour will only push them away from our core values, wherever they come from; once.

    We need to welcome each-other.

    The Pakistanis, for example, were afraid to assimilate when they came; no wonder.

    They were afraid of us

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