Soaking wet in London!

An interesting weekend was had in London this weekend alongside other branch members and English associations.

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at The British Patriots Society march which started at Westminster and ended up in Waterloo Square via Downing Street and The Mall. The weather was more in keeping with monsoon season in Asia, but a hard core of patriots lined up and protested against the EU, increased foreign aid and the government’s betrayal of the Military Covenant.

There were speeches on the day from a number of figures and groups within the patriotic movement, but unfortunately we had no sound system or scripts due to the driving rain!

I have attached a number of images from the event, and below is the speech I had prepared prior to the paper turning to a pulp in my waterlogged carryall! (On the positive side, a large number of signatures were gathered and survived the rain for the EU Referendum Campaign – Bridget and her helpers use a better quality of card to make sure that their campaign is not derailed!)

A Call to Common Sense


I would like to thank Sara and the BPS for inviting me to speak here today. For those who have heard me speak before, my ED colleague Ben Weald will be passing amongst you with competitively priced earplugs with all money raised going to my retirement plan.


It is good to see so many fellow patriots turning out to protest the injustices that are being foisted upon us by both the British Government of the last 15 years, and by our new unelected masters in Brussels.

Jacqui has just spoken eloquently about the disgraceful way our armed forces have been treated in recent times, and how she has lost so much because of the Political classes showing disrespect to the military covenant. This is not a new phenomenon – I was fortunate enough to speak with an old soldier called Jim Greasley before he passed away a couple of years back, and even at the end of the last war the government of the day refused to give him his back pay for the five years he spent in a German POW camp – The proud old soldier gave his medals back in disgust.


Jim’s generation gave the best years of their lives fighting to give us a future free from tyranny and oppression – Many of you here will have had family members who served with distinction alongside such men. I grew up in awe of my grandfather, a slightly built man from Kent who served under Montgomery at El Alamein, saw action at the charnel house of Monte Cassino in Italy and was amongst the first wave of British soldiers on the ground at the liberation of Belsen-Bergen, the nightmares of which followed him for the rest of his life.

They gave so much to give us our freedom, yet does our government remember and honour their sacrifices? Do the honourable members of Parliament think about those who have given so much in the past, and those who keep on giving in the present, when they cut back on the funding and the equipment for those in the front line?

Here are some stark figures that make for bleak reading at a time when our forces are engaged on two fronts, in Afghanistan and in Libya –

The initial cuts announced to the armed forces in this year’s spending review were a total of £9 billion. We have lost our last operational front line aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal, and her iconic Harrier strike jets – If she had still been operational, she would have paid for herself in the savings in the Libyan operation over the cost of deployment of the RAF fast jet force that have had to do the job. We have lost our Nimrod reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft, 40% of our tanks and the navy has lost a further 4 frigates and destroyers. The Army now has less than 100,000 soldiers, and we were informed last month that the historic Coldstream Guards regiment with over 300 years of history is to be disbanded.

Squaddies on the front line in Afghanistan will be coming home to redundancy notices and an uncertain future – many will be suffering stress related illnesses, and statistics show that there are a disproportionate number of ex-servicemen living rough on the streets. Prime Minister David Cameron says that the cupboard is bare, and in the current financial climate savings have to be made and unpleasant cuts have to be imposed to tackle the massive debt that the country finds itself in.


Now balance these cuts alongside the following spending increases –

Overseas Aid in 2011 will be £8.7 billion, which will rise under Government policy to £12.4 billion by 2014. There has been a 40% increase in foreign aid to Afghanistan, despite much of the money by the government’s own admission ‘going missing’. Some has ended up in the hands of Afghan warlords according to the press, who will be using it to arm their people against our own troops on the ground.

Corruption is endemic.

India will continue to receive foreign aid, despite having her own aircraft carriers which we apparently can no longer afford, her own space programme that we definitely can’t afford, a defence budget of £25 billion and an overseas aid programme of her own!

David Cameron has pledged £650 million of our money to develop schools in Pakistan, a country that has just increased its defence spending by £1.5 billion per year. May I suggest that this money might be better spent on our own schools, where a recent report has shown that one third of pupils leaving primary school have sub-standard levels in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic?

Uganda received around £100 million in aid this year, and despite widespread poverty the country’s President, Yoweri Museveni, has spent £25 million on a new Gulfstream Jet.

I could go on with this ridiculous state of affairs, but I think we all get the picture.

It is a bleak canvas of our armed forces being given more to do and less resources and manpower to do it with, whilst our government gives away our money to fund African dictators, corrupt third world governments and countries such as India and China who really are doing very well thank you without the need for English taxpayer’s handouts.

So, would stopping this foreign aid programme get us back on track? Well, it would be a start…But, unfortunately, there is a big elephant in the room, one with a blue flag and yellow stars on it that keeps on taking as well. It is our old friend, the EU.

Sold to the English people as ‘The Common Market’ by Ted Heath in the 70’s, the so called free trading area then morphed from the European Economic Community, or EEC, to the European Community or EC, and now to the European Union, or EU.

Our foreign aid bill of £8.7 billion is peanuts to this unelected and undemocratic European super-quango, and to add insult to injury nobody under the age of 54 in this country has ever had a say on anything to do with it. Even those over 54 were mis-sold what they were dropped in to by Mr Heath – If it had been an insurance policy, you would have had someone with a cheesy grin on satellite TV by now offering to take on your case on a no-win no-fee basis for blatant misrepresentation of what you had signed up for!

Cameron puts in cuts for £7 billion to the welfare bill as an austerity measure – Just as Ireland needs a bail out of £7 billion to keep its economy going because of the disastrous Euro currency that is crippling the country’s industry. “Not to worry, because of our special ties that £7bn will be given as a loan until you are back on your feet” says Mr Cameron. Never mind that our disabled are being means tested by a French company, ATOS Medical, and savagely treated to make those savings, we are all friends in the European community.

Then Greece gets in to trouble and needs a bail out….Then Portugal…and now Spain and Italy are teetering on the brink. Not to worry, says Cameron, we are not in the Euro currency so the IMF can do the bailing out – Except he fails to mention that the IMF is underwritten by a certain country just off the West coast of France, that happens to have it’s own currency and it’s own massive debt mountain that is supposed to be getting paid off by cuts and tax increases levied on it’s citizens.

That is on top of the nearly £50 million per day in direct taxation going out of the UK to the EU, and a total bill of around £65 billion per year according to informed sources such as The Taxpayer’s Alliance. That £65 billion could make a lot of difference here at home.

What’s more, the people at the top of the EU are not even elected by the people they claim to represent. They dictate policy whilst our highly paid MEP’s only get the chance to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – No suggestions, no policies, and no input from the people we voted for to represent OUR views. If they say ‘no’ – Well, Mr Van Rumpuoy, the unelected President of Europe, and his EU ‘Politburo’ just tell them to vote again until they get it right, just as they did to Ireland when they said ‘No’ to The Lisbon Treaty which transferred their sovereignty to Brussels.

Of this inner ‘Politburo’ just one member comes from the British Isles – Baroness Cathy Ashton, a woman who has never faced an election by the public in her life, so is perfectly suited to the EU way of doing things.

Time and again, the EU dictates to it’s member states and demands more of our tax money to drive on with it’s extravagant schemes. Whilst we see cuts at home, the Brussels bureaucracy have increased their spending and their allowances yet again despite the hardships being felt across the continent.

Is this the ‘freedom’ that our Grandparent’s generation in the armed forces fought for?

Is this the freedom that our sons and daughters sign up to the forces to protect?

Is this the kind of ‘freedom’ that the people of England want?

More to the point, what are we going to do about it?

Today, all of you here have made the first step. By your attendance at this rally, you have sent a signal to Westminster and Brussels that the English people have had enough.

We have had enough of the undemocratic interference of the EU in the affairs of our land.

We have had enough of subsidising other countries whilst our young, our sick, and our elderly are facing an uncertain future due to lack of funding.

We have had enough of our heroes being short changed and treated as second class citizens.

You have made a start – But this is only a start. When you leave here today, remember why you came. Take it further. Write to your MP, write to your local papers, write to the national press. Find like minded individuals in your area and encourage them to join you in your activity.

Get involved with the EU Referendum Campaign or Nikki Sinclaire’s Referendum petition to ensure your say on our membership of the EU, details and forms of which are available here today.

Start pressure groups to bring your grievances to the local authorities, and let your councillors, MP’s and MEP’s know that without action they can no longer count on your support at the ballot box. There is nothing that a career politician hates more than the thought that he might lose office and have to get a real job alongside the rest of us!

Some have decided to take the fight on by getting involved in the political arena – The big 3 parties care not for the worries of us normal people as shown by their consistent disregard of opinion polls that show the majority wanting a referendum on our EU membership. You are seeing today some of the alternative parties which may have an influence on our futures, if you wish to explore the political route then I would recommend finding the active patriotic party in your area and pitch in to make a difference at a local level.

Our grandparents generation fought to give us the freedom to air our views. Today, we exercise the right that they gave us through their struggle against tyranny.

Go back to your part of this green and pleasant land and prepare to defend it with the spoken word, the written word, the protest march and via the ballot box.

Spread the message to all who will listen, and become a thorn in the side of the establishment who will not.

We are the people of England, a free and proud people for a thousand years. By your efforts and your struggle, we will remain a free and proud people for another thousand.

Thank You

The views posted in this article are those of the author and are not necessarily represntative of the policy of The English Democrats Party


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