Referendum on a Parliament for England

A new law recently introduced by the Coalition Government states that if 100,000 signatures are collected on a petition, the object of that petition has to be debated in the House of Commons.

This legislation is to be welcomed, as it gives the people of England the chance to have their voices heard – If enough sign a petition on a matter of national interest, then the House HAS to debate it, irrespective of whether the subject matter is to their liking.

The website for this has gone live, and a number of items of importance to the people of England are now available to put your name to if you feel strongly about a particular subject.

A Parliament for England


One of the bedrocks of English Democrats policy is that we believe that England should have her own Parliament, in the same way that Scotland has hers and Wales and Northern Ireland have their assemblies. Currently, Westminster is a British parliament with MP’s sitting from all 4 constituent nations of the United Kingdom, and in many cases passing laws and policy on matters that only affect England. For example, tuition fees for students have been raised at Westminster for English students to £9k per year, yet the Scottish parliament at Holyrood voted to keep fees free for their own students in Scotland, and tuition fees are capped at a much lower rate in Wales and NI (Again voted on by their own assemblies).

No English MP’s sit in these devolved assemblies and parliaments, yet Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen sit at Westminster and have a say in policy in the Commons. Indeed, when the previous Labour government introduced tuition fees in England, it was only because of votes from Scotland and Wales that they got the legislation through! A Parliament for England would resolve what has come to be known as ‘The West Lothian Question’, and allow the English the right to have the final say on matters that affect us in the same way as our Scots, Welsh and Ulster cousins do.

Petition for a debate on an English Parliament





The following link was forwarded to me by our friends at the non-aligned campaign group, the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP).

The petition has been put forward by Andrew Constantine of the English Peoples Party (EPP) and reads as follows –

Creation of an English Parliament

That England be given within the framework of devolution the same national political institutions as Scotland, including the creation of a Parliament, the office of First Minister, of a Government and a dedicated civil service for all of a united England. At present, England has no purely English national political institutions and thereby suffers from unfair treatment within the UK. The creation or revival of a English Parliament will answer the question ‘Who speaks for England?’ and should ensure that the interests of all the people of England are given higher priority and greater care. As John Bright famously said: ‘England is the Mother of all Parliaments’. It is well time that England regained her own Parliament.

To sign the petition, click on the following link below –

We have just under 12 months to get the signatures needed to get a debate on justice for the English – I would urge all who read this article to pass it on and ensure that the British Government at Westminster finally have to talk about giving us a Union of equals, not a Union that discriminates against over 80% of it’s citizens.


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