Judges get it wrong

The ‘Human Rights’ agenda in this country has got seriously out of hand, to the extent that it is overriding common sense and is endangering decent people who it is supposed to protect.

Further to last night’s guest post from London ED Chairman Roger Cooper, I would like to thank Richard Aitkins from UKIP  for permission to repost his article ‘Judges get it wrong’ from his blogsite, ‘A Country Called England’

Here’s one to make your blood boil. The Telegraph reports that 102 foreign criminals have escaped deportation because of the infamous Article 8 of  the European Convention of Human Rights which allows for the entitlement to a family life.

This rather dodgy piece of legislation has allowed large numbers of foreign criminals to settle in Britain, despite them being a danger to their local communities.

Here’s a selection of people who have escaped deportation:

A Nepalese killer, Rocky Gurung, allowed to remain here even though he was a single adult with no children, who lived with his parents.

A Sri Lankan robber allowed to remain here because he has a girlfriend in Britain.

An Iraqi killer who, it was ruled, should not be deported because he would be a risk to people in his homeland.

A Bolivian man who avoided deportation partly because he had bought a pet cat.

They’re all ridiculous reasons for allowing these people to stay, but the third one on the list particularly caught my eye. A killer is allowed to stay here because he would be a risk to people in his homeland. What about the risk to people in this land?  Did the judges take this into consideration when they granted him leave to remain? What if he commits a murder here? Should the judges be held responsible for his future actions?

It’s also been reported that a new British passport is issued every 3 minutes, and last year, 203,790 people were naturalised. This increase will inevitably have an effect on the population of Britain, which is expected to rise from 61 million to a whopping 79 million within the next 50 years. England itself is already the third most densely populated country on the planet. Where are all these newcomers going to live?  I don’t remember being asked if I wanted the population of my country swelled to this size. Do you?

Just recently, the government gave permission for tens of thousands of people to escape deportation because of the implications of long and costly court battles with people who may use the Human Rights Act to win their cases. This is not acceptable. This legislation should be torn up immediately so that law-breakers of all kinds can easily and swiftly be deported. After all, a lot of these people have been given temporary visitors visas to Britain and have outstayed their welcome. Thus, they are law-breakers. We shouldn’t have to put up with foreign criminals among our communities. We’ve got plenty enough home-grown ones.

Then again, didn’t the Tories promise to get rid of the Human Rights Act in their manifesto last year? Oh yes, another broken Tory promise. We should be used to them by now…..


One comment on “Judges get it wrong

  1. Mr Rob says:

    Human Rights legislation has also been used to protect our home-grown scumbags.

    The simple fact is that the English way has always been to say what the state (in the form of monarch or parliament) cannot do, just as the law tells us what we cannot do. Anything not proscribed, fine, you can do it.

    When you depart from this, and start telling people what they CAN do, or what their “rights” are, you get into conflicting “rights” and leave it up to liberal establishment appointed judges to decide which has priority.

    This is all the unintended consequence of meddling by overblown politicians who knew nothing of real life, thinking that they knew better than those who genuinely fought tyranny over the centuries.

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