No Council Houses for Local families

The Labour Party blamed Margaret Thatcher for selling off the council housing stock to explain why working class English families were unable to get housed. But what they did not mention is that in 1977 they changed the rules of council house tenancy which affected the lives of working class English families across the country.
Previous policies favoured the local population who had put their names on the waiting list, there were strict vetting procedures for applicants but tenants, sons and daughters were given preference. Once you had waited your turn and been given a council house you more or less had it for life.
However from 1977 Labour made homeless people a priority and council housing was based on need, this left the process of getting a council house open to interpretation and abuse. At the same time immigrants were coming into the country in increasing numbers and they fitted the new requirements in many cases better than the English working class families.
I leave you to draw your own conclusions but the nett result was that English working class families went to the bottom of the housing list with one exception. Single parent mothers were also given priority, this has led to an explosion of single parent families in England
It is now a life style choice for girls to get pregnant in their teens to be given social housing. This leads to a feckless existence of changing partners and having children by different fathers, the rules as they are set out mean that if you cohabit you lose your benefits. 
The latest bright idea from our political masters is to make tenants reapply for their tenancy every 2 years and be made to move on if their circumstances have changed in any way.
This may sound like a good idea but it will remove any social cohesion or pride in your community – If people are constantly being forced out of their homes why should they have any pride in where they live?  
The English Democrats believe in giving English working class families priority as social housing becomes available whilst immigrants coming into the country should have to have lived and worked here for five years before they are considered, similar to the situation in Germany and across the continent.

2 comments on “No Council Houses for Local families

  1. Mr Rob says:

    Good article. I remember Margaret Hodge whining on about housing people on the basis of their need when she thought she might lose her seat to the BNP. Being what she is, she did not realise she was actually making their argument for them – if you are an immigrant with no relatives here you will have more “need” by their criteria than anyone else who has some sort of support network in place here.

    Your point about single parent mothers is also valid. It has been suggested by Peter Hitchens, who has a far bigger brain than me, that we should give nine months warning and then withdraw all privileged treatment for any benefits for new single parent mothers, while letting current recipients keep on receiving what they have but with no increases for additions. We should recognise that many have been lured into this by our wonderful politicians, but also recognise that it has to stop.

  2. All well said Roger, all well said!

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