Migrant workers – A point of view

With the recently released figures regarding ‘NEETS’ (People under 25 Not in Education, Employment or Training) being raised as a serious concern for two thirds of Londoners according to the Mayor’s office, the issue of where jobs are going has once again been in the news.

English Democrats national policy is to put in to place a system similar to that of Australia, where there are strict criteria applicable for those who wish to come to England that will benefit both the migrants and the local community.

I was invited to comment on local Radio Station Hayes FM yesterday by Jayson Mansaray regarding economic migrants, the interview can be heard via the link below


What is your view? Do you think migrant workers benefit our economy or hinder the progress of our younger generation? Are they, as I commented, as badly exploited by ruthless employers as our own working classes? We want to hear YOUR views!



Left – Jayson Mansaray, Hayes FM Presenter


For all the latest news from our area, tune in to 91.8 Hayes FM


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