AV or No to AV – That is the question!

On Thursday, the people of the United Kingdom go to the polls for our first referendum in over 30 years.

I have previously mentioned that I would much prefer a referendum on our continued membership of the EU, which would have stirred up a lot more interest than a vote on a small change to our voting system

However, a change is in my opinion long overdue – Whilst AV is not perfect, it is a start in the right direction. AV was debated at our spring conference in Feltham, and the outcome can be seen on the video attachment below. Unlike the major parties, our National Council has declared that whether to vote for or against is down to the individual members and their conscience and a free vote is the outcome.

The video features Dr Lee Rotherham of the ‘No’ campaign, whilst the ‘Yes’ campaign is represented by yours truly as a very late substitution when the original speaker did not turn up!


What do you think? Is AV the ‘golden bullet’ or ‘A rusty derringer round’ as proposed by Dr Rotherham? Have your say at the ballot box on Thursday 5th May, and in the meantime give us your opinions.

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