Another week – Another Government own goal

Recently I wrote on this site about David Cameron’s speech regarding immigration (For Once…I agree with ‘Dave’)

In his speech, The Prime Minister pointed out that control needed to be exercised over the numbers coming in, and that a cap needed to be introduced on immigration from outside of the EU. He stated that the numbers coming in from the EU (Which we cannot control due to the open border policy) were ‘insignificant’, quoting figures from early 2010 that don’t really paint the true picture due to the recession being in full effect at that time.

I pointed out in my previous post that The Prime Minister’s statement was at odds with that of our local Conservative Council Leader, Ray Puddifoot. Mr Puddifoot has stated that EU, rather than non-EU, immigration is causing the most impact on local services – A view that is a complete polar opposite to that of his national party leader!

Well, we now have yet another EU diktat about to come in to effect that may actually bolster the opinion of our local official, and pile more expense on to the hard pressed taxpayers of England.

Benefits Rules to be Relaxed


In 2004, eight former Eastern Bloc countries joined the EU. The Labour government of the time massively underestimated the numbers of workers who would come to this country looking to improve their circumstances, whilst many companies took advantage of the influx to suppress wages and bolster their profit sheets.However, there were controls in place so that the newcomers had to work for a certain amount of time before being eligible for benefits payments – This ensured that those coming were genuinely looking for work and would not be a burden on the economy.

From this Sunday (1st May), these controls are being relaxed so that any new EU migrants will be eligible for benefits payments straight away – A strange course to steer when the Coalition are currently engaged in a massive overhaul of the system, and have employed a French company (ATOS Medical) to clamp down on disability benefit paid to our own citizens. The UK Workers Registration scheme, which required Eastern Europeans to register if they wished to work in our country for longer than a month, is being scrapped at the same time.

The EU sets the agenda

Once again, our elected officials are trying to get a grip on the benefits system, but are being thwarted by the monster that is the EU Parliament in Brussels.  (Right)

In the middle of the worst financial situation since the 1930’s, the cutbacks initiated by Parliament are in danger of being undermined by the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels. Worse still, transitional controls on Bulgaria and Romania expire in 2 years time leaving us open to the possibility of the persecuted Roma gypsy population of these countries coming here and further stretching our scant resources.

Talking Tough whilst doing nothing


Cameron knows that whilst we are members of the EU he can come out with his tub thumping rhetoric , but events now show him to be a toothless tiger. This is why he has played down immigration from the EU in his previous speech on the matter.

Next week, we go to cast our vote in the first national referendum since the 1970’s (On change to our voting system). The AV Referendum, whilst interesting and giving us an opportunity to change our electoral procedure, has not caught the public interest. Personally, I would rather have had another referendum on our continued membership of the EU – That WOULD have caught the public imagination, and would give us the chance to put control of our nation, our benefits system and our future back in to the hands of people who are accountable to the electorate of England.

When this happens, I can truly say ‘I agree with Dave’ and know that he has the authority to make his promises a reality.

What do you think of our continued membership of the EU? Do you think that it undermines our ability to pull our way out of recession and our huge national debt?


If you would like a say on this, whether for or against, sign the petition for a referendum on the EU at 

Above Left – Jon Gaunt of  The EU Referendum Campaign in Brussels


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