For Once…..I agree with ‘Dave’

Hold the front page, sit down with a nice cup of tea, your ears are not deceiving you – For once, I have listened to a David Cameron speech and agreed with the vast majority of it!

 Cameron’s Speech on Immigration Policy


 After the pathetic outpourings of our Prime Minister during his visit to Pakistan, where he   blamed our country for many of the world’s problems and promptly gave £650 million of taxpayers money to that country to help finance school improvements, he quickly swung in to action upon his return with a keynote speech on one of the most controversial issues of our time.

Cameron spoke of this country needing good immigration, rather than mass immigration. He spoke of the perception of ‘Britain’ being a soft touch and of the pressures on public services that have been placed by a population increase of 2.2 million between 1997 and 2009. He spoke of the social pressures that have resulted, and how the numbers have led to a disjointedness where large parts of the community do not speak the language.

In effect, he spoke of the issues that The English Democrats have been campaigning about since 2002 – The need to stem the numbers coming in because of the massive increase in burden on our infrastructure. Finally, mainstream politicians are coming around to the idea that we need a sensible debate on this issue and resolutions found without hysterical cries of ‘racist’ whenever the subject is brought up.

The Link between immigration and unemployment


The Prime Minister spoke of  an immigration cap on skilled workers from outside of the EU, and claimed that immigration from inside the EU has now tailed off – He spoke of 27,000 EU nationals coming in up to June 2010, as opposed to 198,000 from outside of the EU (Although he has forgotten to mention the 1 million plus EU nationals who have arrived since the previous Labour Government completely underestimated the amount who would come when the former Soviet bloc states joined)

The Visa system is to be reformed, so that only truly skilled workers can gain entry, as opposed to a situation he quoted where an employer got his sister in to the country on a tier 2 work visa as an ‘elite chef’ – She then worked for him in his fried chicken shop! There were also commitments to cracking down on bogus universities and both sham and forced marriages.

Local Elections in the air?


I have read through the full transcript of the speech, and there is much that needed saying and a great many things that need working on as pointed out.

Cameron is correct when he says ‘we need good immigration, not mass immigration’ – I have many friends amongst the English community with backgrounds from inside and outside Europe who have integrated in to our society.I have both work colleagues and social contacts who have broadened my horizons whilst enjoying and fully integrating in to the culture they have chosen to join. They are an asset to both our community and our economy.

Unfortunately, whilst I agree with Mr Cameron’s comments, I wonder how much of his speech is designed to boost his image after his cringeworthy forays on to the international stage where he feels a pathological need to apologise for the ‘British Imperial past’, backed up with large wads of our cash in aid money? Some cynics may say that he is merely playing to the gallery, pandering to a known issue that English voters constantly list as one of their top concerns in an attempt to prop up local party members across the country for the May 5th local elections.

Only he will know if that position is accurate, but there are a number of things that don’t quite add up and that will need addressing if he is to turn this speech in to policy.

The holes that need to be plugged


Hillingdon council leader Ray Puddifoot (Right) recently blamed the need to increase our primary school class sizes by 30% on ‘EU Immigration’ – He stated that ‘The Government estimated they would go back, but they haven’t, so it falls on us’.

This seems to contradict the official line of The Prime Minister, who has stated that EU migrants are not an issue and the main problem is non-EU immigration!

Could we please have some clarification from the Conservatives as to which area they think is the main concern, and is this on a national or local basis?

Another area that Cameron played down was our membership of the EU, and the ‘free movement’ section of the various treaties we have signed. I believe this is why he highlighted the ‘27000 EU nationals’ who came to this country in the year up to June 2010, and why he  ignored the total figure since the admission of the Eastern European countries to the EU. He has selected a time frame where we were in the worst grip of the recession, and where a large number of construction workers had finished their contracts and were going back to their home countries.

I have a number of friends in the construction industry, and they are constantly undercut by immigrants when pricing for work. Many of the immigrant workers live six or seven to a house, and as such are exploited by their employers as they know they can work for below the going rate for a job – The indigenous workers can’t compete with this, as they at best have two pay cheques covering the rent and bills. The result of this is what we have seen at the Olympic site in Stratford – Official figures reported last April showed that just 828 out of a total of 6277 workers on the site were given to local English workers. (Source – The Olympic Delivery Agency) This is hardly fuelling the regeneration of the local economy that winning the Olympics bid was supposed to do – Furthermore, many of the workers will be sending a large amount of the money they earn back to their home countries to better their lives when they return, so public money is again going abroad rather than in to regeneration of our own inner city areas.

The lure of the benefits system


Here is a second person I never thought I would agree with – The Mayor of Calais in France! He was recently reported as blaming the English for the mass of asylum seekers pitching up in his town – He put this down to their desire to get to our country as they had been advised that they would receive housing and benefits upon arrival. In the asylum seekers position, would you not do the same?

Indeed, there have been instances of asylum seekers being granted citizenship in other EU countries and then heading straight for England to take advantage of our generous benefits system, such as the Amina Muse case reported in the press earlier this year. Whilst we remain a member of the EU, we have no true control of our borders and cannot plan  ahead when it comes to upgrading and extending our community infrastructure.

For Cameron to claim otherwise is foolhardy at best, tragic at worst.

Immigration is plugging the gaps caused by poor education


Another item that our Prime Minister fails to address is that our schools are no longer turning out the new work force that is up to the challenge of the jobs market. We now have a real problem with ‘NEETS’ (Not in Education,Employment or Training) between the ages of 18 and 25. Latest government figures show 15.6% of our young people to be a ‘NEET’ , a total of 938,000 with no job or real prospects – This figure keeps rising.

With this in mind, the cuts in education are a false economy which are harming a whole generation, and employers are filling the positions available with an immigrant workforce that is better educated (With another £650k of our money going to bolster the education of Pakistan whilst we are cutting funding to our own)

Talking tough on the issues is one thing Mr Cameron, but will you have the backbone to see through what you are proposing?

Will your EU masters let you?

What are your opinions on The Prime Minister’s speech on immigration? Do you agree with my analysis?Let us know by posting YOUR comments


One comment on “For Once…..I agree with ‘Dave’

  1. Edwin says:

    You make a good case, Cliff
    A credit to ENGLAND and the English Democrats !

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