Time to bring democracy back to Hillingdon

The last couple of weeks have been quite exhilarating as we have seen the idea of an elected executive mayor really catch on.

The Gazette have followed up their piece on the 15th with an on line poll on their website, the result of which was published on Wednesday and showed that 64% of those who responded to the poll are in favour of an elected mayor in Hillingdon.

 Buoyed by this, Hillingdon branch have tried once again to re-engage with other political parties in the borough to put together a cross party front to promote the idea of a referendum on how we are governed – Emails went out on Wednesday night to every councillor and MP in the borough with the results of the poll to back up why we feel this is an important issue.I am delighted to say that we have now been contacted by Mike Cox, former Liberal Democrat councillor in the Borough, who has wished us well with the campaign and has affirmed his personal support for what we are trying to do.



I would like to thank Mike for his good wishes, and look forward to hearing from other like minded individuals from all parties who wish to participate in the campaign.

The Team will be out in Hayes on Sunday 23rd January and Uxbridge on Saturday 29th January promoting both the Elected Mayor campaign, and the Campaign for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.

We look forward to meeting some of you then, and hearing from you on how you wish to improve both our borough and our country.

If you would like to get involved, please drop us your details via the contact section on the website.


2 comments on “Time to bring democracy back to Hillingdon

  1. Fred Bishop says:

    We all appreciate your efforts. It is pioneering and helps progress the English cause.
    I am proud to be associated with people that put their effort, cash and resolve where their mouths are.
    Let us hope that your efforts inspire more

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      Fred – You are a pioneer of the cause, my friend, and people such as yourself and your colleague in the Midlands, David Lane,have blazed a trail for relative newcomers to the ED such as myself to follow.
      Thank you for your kind words, and I look forward to finally meeting up with you soon.

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