Cuts in England but meanwhile…..

What planet do our Political elite live on?

Whilst we are being told that cuts have to hit at home to balance the books, and locally we are seeing our schools expanded against the wishes of parents because we haven’t the money to build new ones and employ more teachers, Cameron & Osbourne have decided that all the money saved by reforms to our welfare system will be used to….Bail out another country!

I was going to write my own views on this ridiculous situation, but the irrepressible Jon Gaunt beat me to it…

What have the Eurocrats ever done for us?

I’M JUST a simple bloke but could someone explain to me how, when we are making welfare cuts of 7 billion, we can suddenly find another seven billion for another country?
The answer is we can’t or we shouldn’t.

We are not in the Eurozone despite the best efforts of fools like Brown, Blair, Ken Clarke and of course Nick Clegg, so why are we bailing out Ireland?

I don’t buy all this guff about the Irish being our nearest friend or that we trade so heavily with them.

Sorry, the first rule of business is that turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. There is no point trading with someone who won’t or can’t pay you for the goods or pay the loan back. And let’s face it, there is more chance of Vanessa Feltz handing back her plate after only one visit to the all you can eat buffet bar than the Irish paying us back.

A ‘You Gov Poll’ this week revealed that the majority of Brits didn’t want to help Ireland and that a massive 78 percent certainly don’t want to help Portugal, Belgium or even the Spanish when they come cap (or should that be beret!) in hand as they inevitably will in the next few weeks.

The EU is crashing and burning and in the immortal words of Monty Python, “This currency is deceased; this currency is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late currency. It’s a stiff. Bereft of life…. This is an ex currency.”

However it is the ordinary citizens of Europe who are going to pay the price for the vainglorious ambitions of stupid politicians once again.

Again borrowing from the Life of Brian, “What have the Eurocrats ever done for us…”?


Absolutely spot on!

We are struggling against the odds to pay our way out of the hole that the last Labour Government dug for us, yet Gaunty is absolutely spot on about taxpayers money being used to bail out other members of the EU.

Ireland voted to join the Euro, and after intimidation from Brussels also voted for The Lisbon Treaty – The English never had a chance to vote on anything to do with the EU, so why are we being asked to bail out another country that made their own decisions – In this case, the wrong ones?

Even more worryingly, Greece and Ireland have both now succumbed to the poisoned chalice of monetary union – Larger economies such as Portugal, Spain and Italy are almost sure to follow, bringing the economic stability of Europe to the brink.

I want my taxes to pay for services in my country, for the people of England, not for other European countries whose politicians have made flawed decisions, decisions that myself or my countrymen have not been party to.

If you, like me, think this is wrong – Go to and register your name on the petition for a referendum on whether this madness needs to end!


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