Immigration to blame for schools crisis – Puddifoot

Tuesday 9th November saw Leader of Hillingdon Council, Ray Puddifoot, finally admitting at a meeting of a local Resident’s Association that the pressure on schools and housing in the area has been largely caused by mass immigration.

The English Democrats welcome a mainstream party politician finally acknowledging what we have been saying for years, and finally throwing off the ‘Pussyfoot’ tag that has been attached to him in some quarters when it comes to tackling contentious issues. It is also pleasing to note his comment, “I am not being racist, that is just the way it is”, an acknowledgement that finally we can have an open debate on the pressure that mass immigration puts on our overwhelmed public services without discussion being shut down by misguided use of the Politically Correct brigade’s favourite ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Economic Migrants from the EU


Councillor Puddifoot goes on to say that we have had a lot of economic migrants from the EU, and that “The government estimated they would go back, but they haven’t – So it falls on us”

This is an interesting point to note coming from a Conservative Politician, as in the last few weeks David Cameron has ceded more ground to the EU in terms of control over this country, and has agreed to increased amounts of money being paid to Brussels from the taxes of the  hard pressed English public.

With this in mind, I have written to Councilor Puddifoot to ask for answers to some important questions – This is what I have asked him

My Letter To Ray Puddifoot


Dear Cllr Puddifoot

Re – Immigration and the rising demand for school places


I read with interest on the Gazette website about your comments to the Eastcote resident’s association on Tuesday 9th November about the pressure on our local schools caused by mass immigration.

You have also blamed the pressure on our local housing stock to the same source, and have said that “the government estimated they would go back, but they haven’t”

Whilst the majority of this mass immigration occurred under a Labour Government, we now have a coalition government headed by the Conservatives who have the opportunity to stop the flood of newcomers in to our Borough and stabilise both the housing and education issues that this brings.

My party has constantly campaigned against mass immigration, purely based on the lack of resources to cope with the pressure of numbers and the subsequent strain placed on community cohesion, and applaud your stance on this issue.

However, bearing in mind that you have said that the problem has been caused by ‘a lot of economic migrants from the EU’, I would be interested to know how you are going to deal with the problem when your party leaders have stated that they have no control over migration to England from the other member states?

How do you justify cuts in our local budgets, when your party leaders are sanctioning £48 million PER DAY payments from English taxpayers to Brussels?

Moreover, David Cameron gave a ‘cast iron guarantee’ on giving the people of England a referendum on our membership of the EU when in opposition, which he has reneged on. Even his ‘referendum lock’ to stop more powers being transferred to Brussels is worthless – The Lisbon Treaty is self-amending, and therefore needs no further ratification.

 With this in mind, Councillor Puddifoot, as a resident of the London Borough of Hillingdon I would request answers to the following questions.

1/ In light of the forthcoming cuts to local government funding, how will the Borough be paying for the extra classrooms needed and the extra teachers needed to cope with the influx?

2/ Will this mean, as has been suggested, that classroom sizes will have to increase as per the previous council statement about Whitehall School, which is in direct opposition to the wishes of both the parents and the school governors?

3/ If, as you say, economic migrants from the EU are causing the shortages, what are you doing as leader of Hillingdon Council to address the situation?

4/ If it is EU migration that is causing the problem locally, why are your party still committed to the EU project, and why are they refusing to let the people of Hillingdon and the people of England have a referendum on our continued membership? 

I look forward to your reply to my enquiry either by post or by email.

The EU – Stifling our Democracy and our local area


From my letter above, you can see that I am not a fan of the EU.

More importantly, if Councillor Puddifoot is truly concerned about the effects of economic migrants from the EU on our housing and education resources, he needs to give the nearly two hundred thousand people in our Borough who he represents the chance to have a voice on these issues.

I have enclosed a leaflet on the EU Referendum campaign with my letter – Their site can be viewed at

It is time to decide how we wish our country and our local area to be run – By EU bureaucracy and regulations, or by our own elected representatives. If councillor Puddifoot truly believes what he has said, he will sign the petition and be part of the movement to regain control of our own destinies, irrespective of party politics.


5 comments on “Immigration to blame for schools crisis – Puddifoot

  1. Salaam

    It looks to me that Europeans do not want immigrants in the West since they see them only as a problem?.

    Just reflect on what you guys in the west have done in other countries.

    Think of Africa and the sub-contiinent in particular. Do you guys really have a reason to complain?. Or are you the elites that always should have it better than anyone else?.

    To be honest, no group of people has damaged the world, other people’s societies more than you in the west.

    The migrants dont want to integrate or abide by western law. Just because they don´t want to wear nude clothes or at least cloth that can show how big her breast are… so these people failed to integrate. Just because they don’t like free sex, then these people failed again.. what a dirty Bush mind you have!

    The second generation of Muslim migrants is facing a huge challenge because they did not think even for a second before that someone would say, ‘You are not welcome.'”

    Continue to moan about immigration. You want Turkey and India to do business with Britain and you dont want their citizens in Britain. What a contradiction!

    A cap on immigration from third world countries will be imposed despite cabinet concern that the policy could harm the economy. The school secretary and university minister have raised concerns that the cap could deprive the economy of skilled labour. Baroness Valentine said that the word cap is a very negative word to put out to the global market place.

    While EU nationals generally have full access to all social benefits and housing on the same basis as British citizens (those from the central and eastern European accession states have to be in registered employment for a year first), the visas of non-EU economic migrants are issued subject to the condition of ‘no recourse to public funds’. That means no welfare benefits and no public housing. Only schools and NHS treatment are freely available to non-EU economic migrant workers and their families – but the small numbers involved mean that the impact is negligible. And in terms of social justice, why shouldn’t migrant workers be entitled to public services funded by their taxes and national insurance contributions?

    This is not a race or religion issue for me, as an example a doctor from the sub-continent, might well have similar medical or surgical skills to one from within the EU, but the former would be likely to have better command of the English language, and therefore more likely to be able to respond appropriately.

    There is a strong connection between economic success and the contribution of immigrants. A study suggests that a 1% population increase through migration triggers 1.5% increase in GDP. Immigrants are also human beings with social, emotional and spiritual needs and demands. They are not just economics for the economic prosperity of the British society.

    Migration is good for economy and business. Migrants pay more taxes than they use in public services. They are just economic slaves of the British society.They have never been treated as human beings. They have been victim of racism,discrimination,bullying,physical and verbal abuse. Unskilled migrants are not welcomed because they are not economically beneficial for Britain.

    Without foreign workers, British economy will bleed to death. British society must be greatful to the foreign workers who kept them alive.

    Now migrant communities need doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers with their cultural backgrounds and who can speak their languages. They are in a better position to serve and satisfy their needs and demands.

    Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.The number of Muslim schools is on the increase. The new Academies Bill will help Muslim community to set up state funded Muslim schools for each and every Muslim child. Muslim schools are not only faith schools but alos bilingual schools. They need bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. Muslim schools should be give the right to recruit bilingual teachers from Muslim countries. Majority of Muslim children are from the sub-continent, therefore, majority of bilingual teachers should be recruited from there.

    There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim Academies..
    Iftikhar Ahmad

  2. Cliff Dixon says:

    Ifti – I believe in the right to free speech, hence I have approved your comment for publication on the site.

    You say that ‘Europeans do not want immigrants in the West as they see them only as a problem’. Councillor Puddifoot was commenting on EU immigration, not immigration from outside the EU, so I suggest you are being somewhat paranoid on this point.

    You then go in to a tirade about your perceived injustices being dealt out to Africa and the sub-continent by ‘The West’, and that we have damaged more societies than anyone else. Funnily enough, I think you will find that in Zimbabwe, as an example, the people are being killed and the economy wrecked by President Mugabe rather than the evil westerners. In North Africa, thousands of innocent Muslims have been butchered in Algeria by militant Islamists, whilst the crimes perpetrated against innocent people in Iran by the extremist government of President Ahmadinejad in the name of Sharia law do not warrant a mention on your website. If you want an update on this, please give me your email address and I will put you in touch with some Iranian Muslim friends of mine who had to flee the country in fear of their lives.

    ‘The migrants don’t want to integrate or abide by Western Law’ – Why are they here, then Ifti? Why not go somewhere where they can find a regime more to their liking? Does this have something to do with the asylum laws and the availability of social housing in contradiction of your later comment regarding the availability of benefits to non-EU immigrants?

    If these benefits are not available, why do Abu Hamza’s wife and 5 children (As one example) live in a house that your average working class Englishman could only dream of, paid for by the state?

    I find your comments insulting to the vast majority of decent, law abiding Muslim citizens of this country who only want to build a life for themselves. I met a number of them at a meeting in Royal Lane a couple of weeks ago – They are from the Ahmadi, and they preach tolerance and respect of the culture of the country they are resident in, whilst also being proud of their Muslim faith. Being an English Democrat, I respect other people’s beliefs whilst also standing up for the culture of my country, a culture that stretches back over 1500 years.

    I would also request that you provide a source for your figures regarding the increase in GDP based on immigration – Does this take in to account such things as pressure on available housing, depression of wages based on illegal immigrants working at below the minimum wage, increase in demand on the NHS etc – You say that migrants pay more in taxes than they use in public services, yet official statistics show that certain immigrant communities have a much higher level of unemployment and welfare dependency than the indigenous population. How is this so if your assertions are correct? Also, if certain sections of the community are suffering from higher levels of unemployment, what do you propose we do about it, when the nation is in the grip of austerity measures?

    You talk about migrant communities needing services from people who can speak their own language – I would have thought the prerequisite for living in another country would be speaking the language? Why should the existing community of this country (Including British Muslims) have to pay for interpreters for newcomers?

    Ifti, I have had some verbal jousting with you before on the Gazette forums, and your point of view and that of your website is that we are all ‘intolerant’, and that any objections to halal in our schools is ‘stupid’ – You do no favours to the vast majority of decent Muslims who live in this country and abide by the rules set down by a democratic government, and do no credit to your religion. You only harm community relations, and serve to create distrust of the community you purport to represent.

    If you are so against our traditions and community, I suggest you find another country that is more in keeping with your own beliefs and that you will be more comfortable in.

    • paul mcguire says:

      Here here never a truer word self and my family have paid into this country all our lives we have been in a 1 bedroom council flat with 3 children and two adults and have been told It could take unto 8 years to be housed somewhere more appropriate but if I had just arrived here from afar we would be housed in a three bed property as a priority ie family across the road with 1 child in a 2 bed property and us 3 children in a 1 bed it doesn’t make sense these are my housing observations this is what she sees every day .yours faithfully frustrated hillingdon tenant .

      • Cliff Dixon says:

        Paul – I know exactly where you are coming from regarding housing. I have twice been evicted by landlords who know they will receive a higher rent from the council for housing newcomers on benefits – My wife was also evicted from property before we met to house asylum seekers on ‘need’, despite having two young children in tow at the time.
        The government of this country needs to get it’s priorities right and house people who are already here before throwing open the doors to mass immigration. It is unfair to those who are working and paying taxes, and fuels recruitment for far right organisations with a racist agenda, thus harming the immigrants who they think they are helping. The only ones to benefit are the buy to let landlords who think only of their pockets and not their community.

  3. Immigrants do NOT make a net contribution to UK GDP as is claimed. Read the paper at which appears to have been written prior to the recession.

    This paper shows that

    * immigrants make no contribution to pension costs, as is often mistakenly stated.
    * They make a net deficit to GDP.
    * They use more in social benefits than local people on a like for like basis.
    * The economic justifications fail to include the costs of immigration such as infrastructure or congestion.
    * Large scale studies from other countries support the conclusion that immigration does not help the economy.
    * Paragraph 25 of this report entirely supports the English Democrats manifesto family policy.
    * We do not need immigration to fill job vacancies. As people move to get a better job or enhance their careers or just to do something else vacancies naturally arise. If a vacancy arises once every 8 years or so (say every 100 months) then on average over a period of time there will be 300,000 new vacancies a month out of 30 million jobs. If it takes two months to fill a vacancy then there will be 600,000 vacancies ‘on the books’ in any month – which is almost exactly the average long-run figure.
    * The original Home Office report contained at least 6 warnings that the conclusions may not be correct. In other words this report was a political fig leaf to cover the embarrassing lack of support that Labour Ministers had for their policies.

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