Disconnected from Real Life

If I wasn’t convinced before, the pantomime of last week and David Cameron’s ‘victory’ over our EU contributions has convinced me that the political class in this country are massively disconnected from the people they claim to represent.

Ignored Locally, Ignored Nationally, Ignored internationally


Regular readers of the website will know about the two campaigns that the Hillingdon English Democrats are currently supporting at both ends of the Democratic spectrum – The EU Referendum campaign, fronted by Jon Gaunt (Pictured right), and the local campaign for a directly elected council leader, or ‘Executive Mayor’.

One represents democracy at a local level, one asks for our signature on a referendum to decide our fate at European level.

Local representation for local people


The English Democrats are trying to make a difference to our community at local level, but without support for the EU Referendum Campaign, this will be increasingly difficult in view of new EU legislation which will take even more power away from the people of Hillingdon and give it to the faceless bureaucrats of Brussels. Our own Politicians ignore us and pursue their own agenda at the best of times, but they are mere amateurs compared to the EU Parliament.

 ‘Self  Serving Pigs of Westminster’


This is an article that Jon recently wrote for one of his newspaper columns, and I feel it sums up perfectly what is wrong with our great country at the moment- A malaise that has started at the top, and has filtered down to the local level.

Would you like to have an extra 14,000 doctors, 29,000 nurses, 33,000 more coppers on the street and at least 52 Thousand more soldiers in the army?

Or instead, would you prefer to give the EU another 900 MILLION POUNDS next year to increase the amount we give to Brussels to £9.2 BILLION A YEAR?

On the very day that George Osbourne was telling us “We are all in this together” and that we are all facing massive cuts in public services, MEP’s in the real seat of power (Brussels) were voting through this massive budget increase.

So, let’s get this right then – Whilst individual countries right across Europe are slashing their budgets, and there are riots on the streets of Barcelona,Paris and even Brussels,the EU think it is acceptable to increase their budget above inflation?

Then to add insult to injury George preens himself as he sanctimoniously states that foreign and international aid is not only ring fenced but is going to increase by 37 percent  and that we in the UK are now going to give £4 billion of our money away.

This is ludicrous and a downright scandal.

The previous day, Cameron gambled with our national security by reducing our armed forces by 15,000, said we would have aircraft carriers but with no planes, and that our independent nuclear deterrent was going to be delayed.

We couldn’t even mount a defence of the Falklands now, let alone another Iraq or Afghanistan operation.

What an absolute insult to the brave men and women who have shed blood in the hell holes of Afghanistan and Iraq, by these snobby little toffs whose only experience of service life was buying an old camouflage jacket from an army surplus store to wear as they propped up the student union bar.

Yes, we are in a mess and yes, Brown is largely to blame but so is the whole political establishment who are completely disconnected from the masses.

Right across Europe, whilst MP’s,MEP’s and the like feathered their own nests and fiddled their expenses, they allowed largely unregulated bankers to run riot with or money and our economies.

But the bankers, just like our so called political leaders, have escaped scot free with our money that was meant to bail them out but was only used to rebuild their balance sheets and produce bonuses this year of SEVEN BILLION.

For once, I find myself agreeing with the unions who are making the point that it is not their members who got us in to this mess but it will be them who suffer the most pain as these cuts are introduced.

George Orwell was right – All animals are equal but it would seem that the self serving pigs of Westminster and Brussels and the fat cat bankers are more equal than others.

Enough is Enough!


Gaunty is absolutely right about our ruling classes at national level – They have no idea of how things operate in the real world amongst real people, and I seriously doubt if some of them care, as long as they get their expenses paid and their perks.

Now is the time to take back control of our own destinies, by using their own legislation against them.

At local level, print off our petition for a Referendum on an Elected Leader for Hillingdon, and let our council know that they are accountable to us.

At national level, log on to the EU Referendum Campaign website on the link section on the right of our site, and put your name to the campaign for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.

Let our political elite know that local or national, they are there to serve us – Not to fleece us!



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