Cuts in England, but the gravy train continues

The news has been full of talk of savage cuts, and having to balance the national finances after the disastrous tenure of the last Labour Government and the banking crash. Locally, The Gazette has been reporting this week on cuts that will need to be made in Hillingdon to ensure that the council meets it’s targets from the Coalition to play it’s part.

Cameron in Brussels

Prime Minister David Cameron has been in talks with the EU this week regarding our contribution to the European Budget.

Remarkably, he is claiming success because we are ‘only’ increasing our contributions to the EU budget by 2.9% (Subject to ratification).

Currently, we pay £48 million PER DAY to Europe in direct contributions, whilst the indirect cost of our membership of the EU runs in to billions every year. In the face of the financial mess we are confronted with, we must surely have a good reason to be funding this increase?

How our money is spent


In reality, taxpayers cash is being spent on ridiculous schemes and wasteful projects by the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels and Strasbourg.Amongst the beneficiaries of our hard earned cash is an EU funded programme called ‘Media’, which has helped fund 300 new European films in the last 12 months, and part financed 100 film festivals. This has received £670 million in funding!

Included in the films financed, as exposed last week by The Sunday Express, are a Dutch ‘art’ film called Ex-Drummer which features gratuitous sex and violence, and a documentary called ‘Going Bananas’ about…bananas!

The decision to go forward with this funding is all the more galling in the face of the decision to axe The UK Film Council as part of the cutbacks in England.

The EU In Space 


Next year will see a 13 per cent increase in funding for the EU space programme to £204 million, much of it going towards the Galileo satellite programme, which effectively duplicates the US system that our Satellite Navigation devices currently use.

The entertainment budget is being increased, additional funding is going in to the European Parliamentary TV channel, cross border tourism is being increasingly promoted on our cash, and quangos are being expanded across the EU whilst we are slashing them at home to save money. MEP’s have again voted themselves pay rises, despite the hardship hitting in their home countries.

Politically Correct Lunacy


During a recent talk on the excesses of the EU at our National Party Conference, UKIP MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Mike Nattrass told us about the crazy case of the expansion of the translation service in the EU Parliament.

Because of the different languages spoken across the member states, MEP’s wear headsets during debates that feed them the speeches being made in their own language – You simply tune in to the channel on the headset that speaks your native tongue. Last year, the EU decided that an additional channel was needed for Irish Gaelic, at the cost of £1.2 million. The total number of Irish Gaelic speakers in the EU Parliament? Just one Irish MEP, and he was perfectly happy to carry on listening to the translation in English, as he had always done!

Undeterred, the EU pushed ahead and implememented this waste of taxpayers cash anyway.

Still, at least it provides employment for a translator, even if no-one is listening to him!

What can I do about it?


The last three Prime Ministers of this country – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron – Have all promised us a referendum on our membership of the EU, and all of them have gone back on their election promises.

With our country in debt and drastically trying to balance the books, it is time for the people to have their say on whether this outrageous waste of our cash continues. With this in mind, The EU Referendum Campaign has been set up to give the people of this country a say in their future, and is actively out gathering signatures to force our Government to give us a voice on whether we stay in or leave the Union.

Jon Gaunt & The EU Referendum Campaign


Fronted by outspoken Media Celebrity Jon Gaunt, The EU Referendum campaign is at the spearhead of the grass roots campaign to restore democracy to our island.

Speaking recently, ‘Gaunty’ delivered the following address to the press

“There is a massive disconnect between the political class and oprdinary people and this is an issue where people can rally behind the flag and say it’s not right. The EU Referendum campaign is not saying let’s get out of Europe. We are just saying let’s have a debate about this and let the people have a vote”

Have Your Say


Whether you are for or against the EU, surely your voice needs to be heard?  To register your desire for a say in all our futures, go to


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