Guest speakers announced for The National Conference

With forty eight hours to go until our national conference at Nottingham, Operations Officer Steve Uncles has announced the list of guest speakers for Saturday.

Jon Gaunt – Outspoken talk show host and author, Jon has received several Sony awards for his radio shows.

Never one to shy away from controversy, his forthright style has earned a legion of fans who have followed him from BBC Local Radio, through national radio station Talksport and on line broadcaster SunTalk.

Currently commenting on the news on Sky, Jon has also been a regular columnist with The Sun and is a best selling author. His autobiography, Undaunted, is a moving account of triumph over adversity.

Professor Colin Copus – Professor of Local Politics at De Montfort University, Dr Copus is a leading authority on English national identity and English policy issues.

Published books include Leading the Localities – Executive Mayors in English Local Governance, and Party Politics and Local Government.


Nikki Sinclaire MEP – Member of European Parliament for the West Midlands, Nikki is an outspoken critic of the EU, and campaigns for more power for local people in her constituency.

Peter Davies – The Mayor of Doncaster, and that most unusual of people – A straight talking politician! Peter is the English Democrats first directly elected executive mayor.

It is not too late to book for the conference – Please contact


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